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  1. Thank you for posting Randy and making the Ratsun community aware. This Saturday 12/5 there will be a memorial cruise for Brian ending at his home for a candlelight vigil. Everyone is welcome, Datsun or not. R.I.P Brian, until we meet again, watch over us.
  2. Honored to have met him at the only Canby we’ve attended. Cool ride, cool dude, cool conversation. RIP Dave.
  3. Saw the pictures of the F10 cleaned up and washed, looks real good! :thumbup:
  4. We're a good time you should come out but fair warning we get a little rowdy :rofl:
  5. Thanks! I'm really looking forward to being able to cruise my new ride to work. :thumbup:
  6. Any advice for uploading pictures from Imgur from an iphone?

    1. Mattndew76


      I put all my image uploads on private instead of public, but You can still image share using the [/img] java code.

    2. colourbox


      What Matt said and I always use the desktop version in Safari cause the app seems to be bullshit for some reason. I can't even get the app to give proper links.

  7. It is an automatic. I'm gonna attempt to post pictures today.
  8. Yes, it was listed in Santa Rosa. The protector strips are clean, I wasn't sure what they were called so I didn't mention them. haha.
  9. So excited to finally have a Datsun that’s mine! Proud to say this is my first ever Craigslist deal and I must say, I did pretty damn well (I had a little help from EB. Thanks honey). La La is a yellow 710 wagon with minor rust spots. She sits on stock wheels but, hopefully not for long. I fell in love with her perfect chocolate interior on the CL add but once I saw it in person, I HAD TO HAVE HER. I’m so excited for my grocery getter. Although, I can’t lie, the green carpet is killing me! Oh, forgot to mention, she also has AC! Maybe this is standard but I’m new to the 710 world. Be patient w
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