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  1. I just took a flashlight and took a closer look and it is clearly marked + and - on the coil...... I feel like a bit of an idiot now for asking but didn't see it before. Thanks so much for the heads up datzunmike, I'm hooking up my tach right now!
  2. Just fixed the photo link. Thanks DatzenMike, I will try to take a closer look at the coil. I think that I know what side your talking about that is positive now that i have your info about blue and blue/white.
  3. Hey guys, so I've tried searching all over ratsun and cant find a definitive answer. I'm trying to hook up a speedhut tach and requires I hook the signal wire to the negative thermal of the coil but I cant figure out which side is negative. I've heard that if you turn the car to 'on' that only the positive side will have power but both sides have power. I was wondering if anyone can tell me which side is negative from this picture of my coil. Thanks so much for your help! https://ibb.co/S5mLJ87
  4. Would your friend be willing to give the specs on what rods and pistons are used? I just purchased a L20b block and Z22 crank but haven't decided what pistons/rods to use yet and would like his insight. I'm aiming for 180-200hp so that sounds reasonable with his setup. Thanks for any info you can get!
  5. Well now I'm a bit confused..... some say it's a passenger plate, some say its truck. For those that are using an original, what plate format did you get approved? XYZ 123 (passenger car) or XY 1234 (truck) My 620 came with truck plates(GL 4477) but they're destroyed so I have to buy new ones. Just wondering if the DOL will even know or care.
  6. Thanks for the heads up Ricky. I was wondering about that.... DOL employees aren't exactly the most intelligent and helpful people in the world.
  7. AWESOME! this info is super helpful as i ran into the same problem. I got an unknown condition 71B and when draining the fluid it looked so metallic it could pass for liquid galvinize.... I found countless kits for the 71c and others but it seems like the B is an afterthought for companies. I'll have to call midwesttrans for the MWT104 and ask to add the synchros to go with it.
  8. I know I'm late to the party here but this radiator and tuck looks GREAT! I just purchased the exact same radiator to use on my ka24 swap. I plan on doing a similar tuck.... but it probably won't be as clean as yours. If I was in your area I'd drive down and have him do the same for me, it looks minty fresh! Even the hood rod curved to perfection. I love it.
  9. mccuistion

    620 vr38dett swap

    Yeah, literally EVERYTHING will need to be custom design and fab lol. If you're going to measure a 38dett then focus on overall height, mount location, and the width near the DOHC and top/bottom. My concern other than height would be width of the heads. Again.... the 620 engine bay is not large by any stretch of the imagination. It would probably end up being a custom tube chassis/frame from the cab forward.
  10. Yeah I didn't really think of that, an oldschool white plate with no tabs would get some police attention. As I understand it, you just bring in the original plate and if they approve it they enter it into the system and it becomes your collector plate number? Plus all the normal collector plate process. Ok, thanks for the info guys. I just got concerned when I started seeing truck plates and truck tabs while searching. My truck did have GVW stickers on the sides of the bed so it made me think it might need truck plates/tabs.
  11. Hey guys, so im in the process of getting WA collector plate status for my 620 and having trouble finding the classification of the 620 back in the 70s. Back in the day did they issue a passenger car plate and tabs, or did they issue truck plates and truck tabs? I need a year and vehicle type correct plate to restore and cant seem to find if they got truck or passenger tabs/plates. Im hoping its passenger because those plates are much easier to find and buy but hopefully someone can think back to the good old days and help me out. Thanks!
  12. mccuistion

    620 vr38dett swap

    It would be VERY tight, if not impossible.... if you plan on using a hood. The vr38dett is a ridiculously tall engine and the 620 engine bay is a bit vertically challenged haha. I was looking into more unique engine options for mine and the chevy LFX v6 engine came up which is a dohc 3.6L v6 and it got outruled because of overall height, and the 38dett is even taller than the LFX. Possible? Yes, but not likely.
  13. That would be AWESOME! Not only would i love to see your car in person but it would be cool to just chat and pick your brain about your KA turbo/parts decisions. Well my weekend plans just got ten times better, I'll shoot you a PM.
  14. Wait..... Your location is Star Lake, do you mean the one in Federal Way? I live ON Star Lake, right off Military road...... how have i not seen this sexy beast!?!?! We might have to meet at star lake tavern or somewhere one of these days. I just got my KA24 donor engine for my 620 and starting to tear it down for rebuild this weekend.
  15. Good idea Smitty, i'll give Delta cam a call and see what they say. I live in Federal Way so i'm only 20 minutes away. I've called several local machine shops and think i'll be using Pacific Auto Machine in Renton. As for buying parts from the shop i definitely would agree with you if they were building my engine, but i prefer to build my own engine as a labor of love. The machine shop will just be magnafluxing and boring/honing the block and truing the head if needed.
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