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  1. mccuistion

    Help! ID this 5spd transmission, came off an L18

    Thank you very much Mike, You are a wealth of knowledge and the community is lucky to have you! When pulling the transmission the tranny fluid was VERY full of metal dust/shavings, so I needed to know what it is to buy a rebuild kit and try to refresh it.
  2. Hey guys, im having trouble identifying this transmission and i was just hoping someone could help. I purchased a L18 with a 5spd swapped transmission yesterday and pulled it out of a 620 that was running/driving. I believe it is a FS5C71B or a FS5W71C but the only marking on the transmission is L7. From my research the transmissions should have 71B or 71C cast into them, but this doesn't. It has a normal shift pattern and is not a dogleg. Thanks for your help!!!
  3. mccuistion

    LFX V6 engine as a viable option? Has it been done?

    Thanks Charlie and Stoffregen.... 'im starting to really consider a 720 frame or 720 front clip conversion. My original plan was just disc brakes and coilover conversion on the kingpin front end but the more i read and learn from you guys it might be easier in the long run to just start with 720 front end. I'll have to do some research on how difficult it is to take a full 720 frame and drop my 620 body on it...... there is a 1985 720 for CHEAP on craigslist right now, might be worth picking it up. I need to learn more about compatibility before i buy anything though.
  4. mccuistion

    LFX V6 engine as a viable option? Has it been done?

    I have to say.... the fact that no one has said it has been done or can't be done has peaked my interest. In the next 2 weeks I'm am going to meet up with my friend with the LFX swap and get some measurements. I was dead set on sr/ka swap but if this has never been done it would be very cool to be the first(if possible without chopping the firewall/fenders). My main worry is the width of the dohc heads up top and the length of the tranny from bell housing to shifter, but if those 2 measurements are reasonable I will look further into this.
  5. mccuistion

    KA24DE vs SR20DET realistic price of swap

    Yeah, for a 4cyl it weights a bit but when you drop it in a sub 2500lb car/truck it becomes a whole new monster. I really didnt pay enough attention to power to weight ratio and overall weight until i built my 400hp/920tq sequential turbo 12v cummins dodge and it felt slower than my 250hp saab haha..... that was the seed that led me to getting my 620, which shows up this friday by the way!!!! I already have wheel/tires and a box of parts sitting here to get her roadworthy!! On that note, are you available to meet this weekend redeye? Ill shoot you a PM but i would love to check out your truck this weekend if youre free.
  6. mccuistion

    KA24DE vs SR20DET realistic price of swap

    Wow, thanks for the stats mike..... I have to say I'm surprised at how light the ka24 is compared to the sr20 with it being iron block.... I'm guessing the ka24de is a bit heavier than the ka24e though? Still it isnt a huge difference and may be worth me doing the ka24det to save some cash and have the torque of the 2.4L since it isn't a huge weight difference vs the sr20. I'm still very torn on my decision but the ka24det is looking promising at this point. I'd still like to learn a bit about the LFX V6 option before I pull the trigger on anything though.
  7. Hey guy, as some of you know I just got my '73 620 and am in the process of piecing together my swap. I am pretty set on an SR20DET or a KA24DE-Turbo build but I just helped a friend do an LFX swap in his Miata and insists I should consider it. I will admit, it is AWESOME in his Miata. I did a few searches and didn't come up with anything, so my question is, has anyone done an LFX V6 swap in a datsun? A 620, 720, 510, anything? If not, is there a major reason why this swap doesn't or wouldn't work? I plan on getting the exact measurements of the LFX to see if it's even possible that it could fit in the engine bay but not sure if this has already been established? It is a 3.6L DOHC V6 that is pretty wide up top but the exhaust manifolds are cast into the heads so I'm thinking there is a possibility it could fit if the heads clear above the wheel wells and the downpipes are fabricated to fit. I know that anything can be made to fit with enough fab work but I'm hoping to do my swap with the least amount of destruction possible. Like I said, I will do more searching and measure the LFX soon but I was just hoping to see if anyone had already looked into this and came to a conclusion? I'm still leaning SR20 or KA24 but I have to admit.... a modern VVT 3.6L V-6 with a 6 speed could be really cool and unique in my little datto!
  8. mccuistion

    KA24DE vs SR20DET realistic price of swap

    Wow.... you really have experienced a little bit of everything! Was the 5.0 620 a pig with handling? That is one of my worries with the KA-T, its a boat anchor compared to SR and might kill handling characteristics. Not that ill be tracking or anything but still something to consider. But if you say the KA-T is your top choice it must not be that big of an issue. The problem is i haven't decided anything yet, i'm still researching as much as possible, im still very new to the 620 platform. my original plan was to stay kingpin and use beebani's brackets to go Z32 brakes. I like the Z32 4 piston option(and their looks :blush:) over the 2 piston D21/trooper brakes, But if i do go balljoint then there's no reason not to use the D21 brakes.
  9. mccuistion

    KA24DE vs SR20DET realistic price of swap

    I wondered about this. I was hoping a few things would carry over but if not i may jump straight to ball joints. Can i still do Z32 calipers with ball joints? I need to do more research on this. I did find a full D21 2wd front end for $130 though.... "spindles, rotors, calipers, hubs, steering arms, but no backing plate or caliper brackets" is what the ad says. That might be worth looking into?
  10. mccuistion

    KA24DE vs SR20DET realistic price of swap

    Thanks Ron, i'm on the same page as you, on one hand it could be a killer value and hes in a bind to sell so i could come in with a low offer..... but on the other hand the ad just throws up a lot of red flags. When a seller says the car could be a good "drift slut" you know the drivetrain hasn't had an easy life haha. As for the turbo lag/size, that is something i'm still debating. On my last build i had a T3 Garrett GT3076R and while it had plenty of ceiling(and was a rocketship) it didn't turn on until about 3900rpm. That is why i'm aiming for a little less overall power on this build and possibly do a GT2871R to help slide the powerband to the left a bit since i want an easy street toy. That $650 KA makes things interesting.... at that price i could build the bottom end and get to a reliable KA-T for the same budget. I think my meeting with Redeye(steve) will really help me make a decision. I'm not well versed in KA's at all and look forward to hearing some first hand experience. nl320what, an RB20 would definitely be cool but wouldn't that be into firewall cutting territory? with it being a straight 6? i'm intrigued but i was hoping to leave the firewall uncut.
  11. mccuistion

    KA24DE vs SR20DET realistic price of swap

    I've actually been looking at this for a possible SR20 source..... https://seattle.craigslist.org/sno/cto/d/project-1990-nissan-240sx/6584483224.html If i purchased this i would also get an AEM standalone ecu to go with it. The only problem is i would need receipts and proof that it is what he claims. It's really easy for someone to say an engine has a built bottom end and be total BS. I have a gut feeling this engine got the piss beat out of it and might not be worth the trouble since i can't hear it run before buying. i'm definitely on the fence... it is a great value but something inside tells me to steer clear.
  12. mccuistion

    KA24DE vs SR20DET realistic price of swap

    Go read post #15 on page 1. It'll take a lot more than 2 pages of questions and comments to scare me off haha..... This forum is a WEALTH of information and i am extremely grateful to be able to access it.
  13. mccuistion

    KA24DE vs SR20DET realistic price of swap

    If you read my reply to you on the first page you'd see my budget along with a breakdown. id like to keep it around $8000 with a HARD cap at $10K. This includes engine, engine upgrades, swap parts, disc brakes, wheel, tires, and all the other nickel and dime items that come up to make it roadworthy. As for my first post, i wasn't asking how to do it, i was explaining what i am doing and trying to get opinions on real world experience. Just simply asking if KA swaps can be done as insanely cheap as some people claim. I got the answer i was expecting.... that anything can be done dirt cheap if you have 5 years to wait for the right deals. Yes, i do have a pile of parts left from my 2 SR swaps(this will be the 3rd) but the problem is, most of those parts are the stock parts i pulled off to gain more power in my last build..... so they wont do me much good since i plan on upgrading those same parts in this build. The only thing i might use is an Apexi D-jetro power-FC ECU for tuning. It removes the MAF for a MAP system and allows much better dyno tuning. I would really prefer a stand alone AEM or haltech ECU but re-using my Apexi can save me about $1,000. On your build, it would be cool to see you do a VQ swap, they are extremely light for a V6..... i think they're only 30lbs or so heavier than an SR20DET I don't think i want to do a chassis swap.... i'm already doing Z32 discs front/rear with the swap and possibly ball joints later when i do coilovers so that should modernize a lot of the chassis components. My plan for suspension and braking is just to get to a good safe level. i don't ever plan on tracking or doing fast canyon carving with the truck, just sunshine cruising and the occasional spirited pull. Lastly, sorry for the slow reply. i sell wholesale fireworks and this time of year is CRAZY for me. it might be slow but i will get back to you. Along with that, i'm happy to post pictures of my previous cars but it will also be after the 4th due to lack of time.
  14. mccuistion

    KA24DE vs SR20DET realistic price of swap

    Well i can't blame you at all..... 90% of people with 1 post history asking about swaps and referencing horsepower are people that have trouble changing brake pads but read how "easy" swaps are and think they can do it alone over a weekend haha. 2wheel-lee- we are in the same boat with 620's, i have a daily and a 1 ton diesel truck so that relegates the 620 to fun project truck. Hobospyder- Yep, i'm referring to Redeye Steve, we've been talking and he is nice enough to show me his truck since i live nearby. correct on the silvia it was only a coupe and had a long light bar headlight with a flat nose. The 180sx is very similar to our usdm 240sx hatch and had popup lights, still awesome to have a 180 though!
  15. mccuistion

    KA24DE vs SR20DET realistic price of swap

    ooooo... a true RHD 180? i'm jealous! my dream car was an S13 coupe for a long time. They just weren't importable at that point. Now that i'm married and kids on the way it's tough to justify a sporty coupe to the wife..... but that same powertrain in a truck is an easier sell :ninja: :rofl:

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