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  1. Also bring a Geiger counter with you because that damaged nuclear reactor is still spewing radiation, supposedly not! This way you will know if you can have an x-ray in the next ten years or not.
  2. Mattndew76, my sister in-law lives in Cottage Grove. Nice little town and home of the Animal House Parade. When I was there last year I didn't see any Datsuns but saw two nice 84 Celica gts's. Hope you didn't have to hard a time last year with the snowmagetten. Sister in-law was snowed in for 4days with no power.
  3. which parking lot at Stonerigde is this going to be at and what businness can I look for as a guide to that spot?
  4. Nice Celica you were able to pick up and save. If you have a chance take a look at www.celica-gts.com. All the info you might want at your finger tips and only for ealy 80's Celicas. I am in the San Francisco bay area and have an 83 gts hatchback. There are monthly meets here with lots of 510's and other Japanese imports attending so a nice cross section of imports to see and admire. Look for Santa Clara Monthly Meets for photos in the events section.
  5. I didn't know or realize that there were so many ways to use bacon.
  6. What a nice night last night for the monthly meet. It was nice not to be all bundled up in our snuggies to ward off the chill in the night air. Lots of nice cars and of course all the old school fans to meet up with and see what everyone has been up to. I also want to say I didn't know that a 1972 Citroen was a Japanese make,lol. It was an interesting car to check out up close and personal and it is very nice that there are a variety of old school imports starting to show up for a nice bit of diversity. Thanks to Mario for all his hard work in keeping the monthly meets going, welcoming the new
  7. I have been attending these monthly meets for the past few years with my 83 Toyota Celica gts and was kind of the black sheep for awhile among all the Datsuns. I was very warmly welcomed at these meets and now they have morphed into a gathering of any make of old school Japanese car and at times even some old school British cars and some nicely restored Ford Pintos.(Didn't know they were a Japanese brand) but interesting none the less. If anyone was to feel slighted it would have been me crashing the early meets with an "off brand" at the time. I have found that the attendees have a passion
  8. I agree with nkldime70 on the nice turnout. Nice to see so many nice datsuns in one place at one time. It was also nice to see the other marks there as well. Variety is the spice of life and it was nice to see how everyone has personalized their rides with their brand of coolness. What is interesting is looking in the engine bay and thinking "look what is stuffed in here". Thanks again to jsvteck for doing all the leg work on the meet and any future ones he wants to organize.
  9. Thanks jsvteck. I did a post on the supra and celica sites for the upcoming meet.
  10. Hi everyone I registered today because I want to attend the meet next weekend and meet the members here who love their old school Japanese cars. I own a 1983 Toyota Celica GTS that I bought new and still drive on a daily basis. I have attended some of the meets in Santa Clara at Starbucks/Orchard Supply. Hopefully I have met some of you at those get togethers. I will bring some hot dogs and buns to share with the group. Hopefully the weather will be nice. Has anyone posted this meet on the celicasupra.com or celica-gts sites. I have been to a few meets with those members and they also have so
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