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  1. Tech

    3rd Annual "Dragging the Gut" in McMinnville, OR

    I gave myself a 1/2 point for rocking my Datsun t-shirt :thumbup: LOL !!! ( hey its worth a shot ! ) it was good to see you guys too. Maybe next year we can get a group together and claim a parking lot for Datsuns somewhere.
  2. Tech

    3rd Annual "Dragging the Gut" in McMinnville, OR

    it was great to see some datsuns down there last night :-) Thank you guys for bringing them out. maybe next year mine will be one of them again .... i hope !!
  3. Tech

    dragging the gut

    http://web.newsregister.com/news/results.cfm?story_no=264890 Here's the newspaper story about it
  4. Tech

    working speedo cable

    Check with napa I think I got mine for a 78kc for around $20 not sure if it will work for ya but it's worth a look good luck
  5. Tech

    dragging the gut

    Good times in mac. It was nice as a new guy to meet up with you guys and put faces to posts.Heres a few more pics ( if i'm doing this right)
  6. Tech

    dragging the gut

    Ok found a spot to park by Mac sports blue 78 kc
  7. Tech

    dragging the gut

    Is there anybody in Mac? If so where at?
  8. Tech


    Thats cool next time im up that way i need to make some time to stop and check it out. Thanks for the info
  9. Tech


    On the way home form king city today going to McMinnville ( hope this works still not very good with computers )
  10. Tech


    this was on my way to work this morning on Hwy 18 i think he was going to the mud drags in willamina sure looks like fun

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