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  1. I have some that I just removed, you are welcome to them if you want them..... Let me know.
  2. Looking for an R-180 LSD rear diff.....anybody have one for sale? Gear ratio can be anywhere from from 3.90 to 4.38.
  3. Does anyone have a clean R-180 with a 3.70 gear ratio? Looking for one that is LSD, but will entertain non-LSD units as well.
  4. So is there anything in the works for this Sunday?
  5. Yeah I prefer a cruise to a meet myself. I get bored at meets (I like to see the cars but you can only do that for so long) and I like driving my Datsun. People in LA are better at bitching and complaining about things rather than actually doing. Someone takes the initiative to bring them what they want and then they don't participate (people who got called in to work excluded from comment). This is why people think LA people suck ass. I've decided I'm not planning these anymore since there seems to be no interest. Yes, I'm annoyed. If someone else wants to start planning these feel free but I'll not bother planning anymore. I'm sure this thread will now die. Well it sucks that only two showed up, but I would have gone with you guys but I thought I was going to miss meeting at the Mall so I kept going. I was at Neptune's by 11:00 and was gone by 11:15. I still had fun today though even without cruising without anyone else. Hopefully someone will pick-up the ball and this does not die out completely.
  6. Did anybody show up for this run? I didn't see anyone.....I was running late, so I went straight to Kanan. I stopped on Kanan twice and then went on down to Yerba Buena and then to Neptune's and did not see anyone. Oh well, maybe next month.
  7. I'm going to try and make it down there for this one....Hope to see you guys at some point.
  8. I saw that "chippy" early this morning writing all kinds of tickets. He was getting guys for crossing the double yellow, no front plate and wrote a ticket to a bike that crashed because the guy did not have his insurance card with him. It may seem excessive, but there were two bad wrecks last weekend with car vs. motorcycle and a Maserati vs. bicyclist....
  9. Yep, a white 2 door. Had to head home for drama....a good family friend passed away. Sucks.
  10. I showed up at Neptune's about 10:30 to meet some of you guys and see some Datsuns, but right when I got out of the car I got a call and had to head home. Oh well, maybe I can meet up with you guys next month.
  11. Robs: Shipped off your carpet off today, sent you a PM with your tracking number. Mario, I received the carpet today......Thanks man, I appreciate it. Rob
  12. Hey Mario, Payment has been sent.....thank you sir. Rob
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