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  1. You don't need a fancy DMM, just a test light probe. Check it at the switch then go further back to the light. Good luck.
  2. Here is a great eye roller for you! I have a fantastic running original 1979 L20B with W58 head with 69k original miles. It is installed and runs like a sewing machine. I recently acquired a used, fully complete L20B with a U67 head with all accesories and transmission still bolted. It looks like a pull out. Oily old engine in unknown condition. Along with this I got a Z20 longblock that looks freshly rebuilt. Under the wrap it has fresh paint, new freeze plugs, valves and timing chain look to have never had gas/fire/oil. My guess is it came from a machine shop then mothballed. You could use it for a plate for a grilled cheese sandwich it is so clean. I have a 620 which I plan on owning forever! Question, should I???? Option A: Shrink wrap it and store it for a rainy day. Option B: Sell it and use the money for 620 cosmetics. Option C: Take the U67 head to a machine shop and stick her on the Z20 for a engine upgrade. Open for Option D suggestions. I know this sounds like I am 17 years old and inherited my uncle's Datsun junk but I am froggy and prone to leap. WWDMD (WHAT WOULD DATZEN MIKE DO?)
  3. I bought these door channel runs off of Amazon and they are a perfect fit for my 1979 Datsun 620. I paid $21 you will need one for each door. CRL Flexible Flocked Rubber Glass Run Channel for 1960-1961 Valiant and Lancer - 96 in long
  4. Simply put, the round gasket has more surface area than the square.
  5. Use the gasket that matches the head not the exhaust. It works fine, just keep an eye out for leaks and readjust as needed. Many people will tell you you can not run it like that but as long as it doesn't leak you dont risk burning a valve.
  6. Found this on the web of my exact camper. A photographer snapped this photo of the previous owner camping at a music festival at the Pecan Grove RV park Barton Springs in Austin Texas. He was selling these prints.
  7. You should see this place. There were so many amazing cars there. As you can probably guess there were many more vintage Toyotas there than Datsuns. The guy who owns it is in his 80's or 90's. Junkyard are no longer allowed in that area but he is grandfathered in until he passes away. I was lucky enough to get a windshield wiper cowl and the plastic dashboard insert around the gauges and radio insert. I was there looking for a hood and possibly a Hitachi D4K distributor. His pricing is all over the place but leans on the high side. He has lots of classic American cars that are very rare/ valuable. I was happy to give him a $100 bill for both of my items. That place has acres of cars and I found Datsuns scattered all over the place. He has school busses full of parts and I did find a few D6K's in the dizzy bus. Makes me want to go back and look again. I reluctantly installed a Hot Spark distributor but just holding it in my hand I could tell the quality was low.
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