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  1. Is the muffler chambered or glass-packed? 

    As long as MAF housing diameter is stock you should be good. If you were to ever change MAF diameter, you have to tune to re-scale the MAF.


    You can probably get away with doing the 'ol brake parts cleaner trick to find vacuum leaks, spray it around the surfaces and listen for changes to idle.

  2. Even a tired autotragic on our dyno is usually around 220whp stock, if you're feeling that underpowered you have a problem somewhere. What's your exhaust situation? 2.5'' dual? Are you using the stock MAF housing?

    I'd check for vacuum leaks between the upper and lower plenum as well, pretty common place to see a leak if the plenums have been separated.

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  3. 17 hours ago, Maschinenbau said:


    I would love to be able to accept it, but the $2000 Challenge budget rules forbid gifts and other "free" parts. After the Challenge though, I will definitely be buying one if I continue to race and spray this car. I think it has 11s in it.

    Ahhh forgot about that. Let me know when you get to that point, I may be able to help you a little bit there.


    17 hours ago, ]2eDeYe said:

    How much is that bit? 

    A whole $58 😂


    18 hours ago, thisismatt said:

     That, with the gauge, is on my list of fuel related parts 😁 Ratsun discount?

    Can probably manage something 😃

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  4. On 7/23/2019 at 8:59 PM, Maschinenbau said:

    How many hose clamps in your fuel system is too many hose clamps in your fuel system? No leaks after tightening everything down and the engine still runs like normal. 



    *ahem* we actually make a part for that. Can I donate one to you so you can get rid of that super sketch fuel tap?





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  5. Very interesting. I've had similar experiances with other brands of wrinkle black, I 'was' going to use it on my motorcycle frame (cafe project) but was unsure how it would turn out. Everything I tested came out like crap, yours seemed to turn out really well. I'm going to snag a can of the Krylon stuff and give it a shot when we have another hot Atlanta day. 

  6. On 5/24/2019 at 8:36 PM, bonvo said:

    isnt it though? and it wasnt even a color i originally considered but my body guy suggested it and i instantly fell in love with it 

    It almost reminds me of the Infiniti Iridium Blue that they use on the new Q50 and Q60's. I planned on using that blue on my Cafe Racer.



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