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  1. JBrown73Datsun

    "HOW TO", pick up chicks

    ...And some of the ugliest chicks I'v met have been the most demanding pain in the asses ever, but it always goes both ways. It's the difference between being insecure and being confident. Worlds apart and confidence always makes anyone forget what you look like and makes them pay attention to what you have to say instead. Confidence is sexy as hell!
  2. JBrown73Datsun

    "HOW TO", pick up chicks

    Alright, I'm a "chick" I guess..and the only guys I like speak the truth, no matter if it hurts my feelings or not. In fact, all my boyfriends have been assholes but they've always made me laugh. I just got in a car accident and fucked up my truck and did my boyfriend come and pick me up, nope...I got a ride home with the AAA man and learned how to change my own flat tire in the dark and now here I am searching for parts and trying to learn how to put it all back together. I'v always thought there were two types of chicks ones that think the world is theirs just because they have a hole to stick it in and others that think they're just people and take responsibility for their own actions. This isn't based on looks either, because I'v had all kinds of suitors that would give me the world, but I want to go out there and make it my own. You guys are cracking me up on here, and I need it too cause I feel pretty down knowing that I ruined my perfectly beautiful truck, but what's broken can be fixed and I appreciate everyone that has emailed me and helped restore my love for my truck. So forget lines and wiener sizes, just be yourself and if they don't like you, you probably wouldn't want them either, at least not the next morning or for years after that.
  3. JBrown73Datsun

    Need 73 Datsun truck parts

    My bad, its a 71 PL521, my trucks in my dad's garage so I didn't have any of the info in front of me. I don't have room to work on it at my house since I live in a condo. But thats the specs 1971 4 cylinder 1600 or PL521....and I know, I know I'm just a stupid girl that doesn't know much about my truck, but I'm learning more and more by the minute and thanks to everyone for their help and patience with my lack of knowledge.
  4. JBrown73Datsun

    Need 73 Datsun truck parts

    Also, anyone interested in buying my car once put back together. I had the engine rebuilt last year and it only has 6,000 miles on the rebuilt engine and which is incredibly clean, the interior is clean, and the car is in great condition besides its ass which is being put back together. It is a 4 speed, everything original and I am replacing the back bumpers with original parts. I will post pictures soon, it is at my dad's getting a good spanking. Feel free to email me if interested. This little truck is tough and will keep on running for another 300,000 or more miles. Also I live in Santa Barbara, Ca if anyone near is looking for some work or could help me and my dad put her back together I would be more than willing to bring her to you and pay for your help. She runs fine and now that I put the back light on she's perfectly legal to drive, the body isn't bent just a little dinged up needs new bumpers and possibly the help of a a welder/body repair helper on a budget. I am desperate to get her back together and sell. The day of the accident (2days ago) I was on my way back from getting the oil changed and was going to take pictures of her to post and sell the following day. I have all paper work of what has been done regarding the engine rebuild and maintenance of engine. I really am desperate for help or advice as I don't have any mechanical experience and anyone that buys her deserves her to be in the best original condition she can be in.
  5. JBrown73Datsun

    Need 73 Datsun truck parts

    Thanks! Would you be interested in shipping anything? I found a tail light but still need a tail gate, I need brackets for the bumpers and I need the headlight dashboard knob which flew onto the freeway to be lost forever. I'm willing to pay for any of these things and am interested in what condition your tail gate is in. Thanks for your help! Julia
  6. JBrown73Datsun

    Need 73 Datsun truck parts

    I have a 71 Datsun 1600 PL521 little truck. It is powder blue and I got in an accident. I am looking for the two back chrome bumpers, possibly a new tail gate, back lights, and misc. interior knobs. If you have any of these things or know a good place to look I would appreciate any help. I'm just a young girl with a little truck and I don't know much about my car as exhibited.

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