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  1. 521turbo

    New Member SR521

    Yea you're right I measured and there is no room in stock location. I am going to mount behind the diff. Anybody done this?
  2. 521turbo

    New Member SR521

    I think Im going to go with a fuel cell in stock location. The truck has one mounted in the bed now but its old and got to go.
  3. 521turbo

    New Member SR521

    Thats the thing.....I have no tank.
  4. 521turbo

    New Member SR521

    I need a gas tank anybody have ideas?
  5. 521turbo

    New Member SR521

    That’s nice work. Why did you need to lower the motor height? What engine you running?
  6. 521turbo

    New Member SR521

    Look at the second pic. Im just going to notch the mount and move it forward. I will post pics so you can see. Thanks for the mounts!
  7. 521turbo

    New Member SR521

    Finally towed the car to my shop and I have made some progress...I got my sr20 swap in its an s15 motor with 6 speed 🤩. I dropped in and pulled the motor out a couple times already as I hit some bumps. The truck had the pedal box mashed up as the previous owner had an automatic and chopped off the clutch pedal. The MC hole on the firewall was torched out to fit a ford MC 😣. Tunnel was opened up way too much and no room for foot for gas pedal. luckily I bought a pedal box from a forum member and Im cutting and welding the fuck out of this thing to make it right. Here are some pics..... I reindexed it bout 3 notches. These are my Explorer wheels I had laying around..They fit perfect and got some Neo gens I got the sr20 521 mounts from redeye. But since its a 6speed, tranny mount is a little short. I have to modify the tranny mount. I will post some pics as soon as I do. Parking brake bracket has got to go.... wastegate sitting on steering column..... Got these from Jegs. Ford 9" disc upgrade. Rear discs and KYBs Feel free to post comments, opinions, suggestions, critisize, correct my grammer....Im open and dont give a f***
  8. 521turbo

    New Member SR521

    Ok...she's not preety but here she is.... Cutting out the old welded SB mounts.... Hope you like the pics....more to come as soon as I make more progress :thumbup:
  9. 521turbo

    New Member SR521

    Thank God they werent. I chopped them old ones out and grinded and painted... Good as new :thumbup: Thanks...I already got'em!!
  10. 521turbo

    New Member SR521

    Thanks bro..I will as soon as I figure out how, lol. I need a pedal box too. If anyone has one laying around or knows anyone that does would be greatly appreciated! The ones on the truck now are chopped up due to the last swap. Looks like they had a v8 in there bc the tunnel was worked on, has dual exhaust, and a Ford 9”. Right now its a roller.
  11. 521turbo

    New Member SR521

    Hi, I just joined the forum when I bought my ‘71 521 pickup. Im a car guy/mechanic/nissan enthusiast. I previously owned a ‘96 200sx with GTi-R Pulsar motor which I regretted selling. I picked up this truck because I always liked the jap mini trucks and Im a nissan fanatic. The idea is to SR swap it ratty style and do body work little by little. So far Im working on it on my spare time until I collect all the parts, tow it to my shop and get r done! Pics coming soon!!
  12. 521turbo

    620 SR20 Motor Mounts

    Will these mounts work for a 521. Also do they utilize the stock 521 mounts? Also how much?

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