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  1. Mind sharing the link? Because all I find is clusters with no tach, just speedo.
  2. Ok I actually found a fender, the thing I'm most focused on now is a tachometer. Does anyone know the interchange on those?
  3. Well that's another thing I am trying to find out, is what parts from other cars will fit into my car. I'm not asking if anyone has the parts, I'm asking for help to find the parts to buy, if anyone has any suggestions on where to find them. This isn't a "parts wanted" post. This is a post asking for help on where to find parts, as I'm sure people have been in the same boat as me before and have solutions that I cannot find or come up with.
  4. Hey all. I recently purchased a 1981 B310 (Man, figuring out what this thing is actually called by most was a research project on its own...) and I'm trying to find parts for it. The overall condition of the car is actually really excellent, specifically mechanically. The A14 engine in it has been extremely well maintained and starts up every single time on the first try. Anyhow, the only problem I'm having with the restoration of the car is finding parts. I'll put a list below of parts I am trying to find for my car, but what I'm really asking for isn't if any of you guys have the parts, but simply where to look to find them. I've searched eBay, craigslist, partsrequest, even just plain google searches (Which led me here). I'm trying my hardest, and the closest I found was the research website, which makes a few of the parts I need, however they seem to be japanese only. If anyone can help me out, please do. I'm getting rather desperate. Parts I am looking for: Tachometer Dash Glovebox MOST IMPORTANTLY: PASSENGER SIDE FRONT FENDER (NEEDS CUT FOR BLINKER)
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