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  1. Thanks for the feedback. In the triangle of fast, cheap, and good I am going with fast and good. I just imported the car to Canada and have 45 days to get it running for an inspection by transport Canada. I am for sure new to the forum and the last time I had a 510 was back in 2006- 2007. I did an engine rebuild for that but everything else was untouched. I have a bit of a technical background and worked as a co-op in a machine shop for 8 months. The hard part is sorting through the details of this goes with that and oh if you are doing this you should do that too. I am going to build something nice and not take shortcuts. I am happy to spend extra money for longevity and quality but if functionally it doesn't make sense then no reason to throw money out the door.
  2. Thank you. Only other constraint is to not cut too big I can't find a boot to cover the hole!
  3. Thanks. I don't have a totally stock L20B but again not a huge amount of power. What are you thought on getting a stock flywheel and lightening it vs buying something non-stock that can just be bolted up. Is there a combo of clutch and flywheel that people really like and suits my needs? 12 -15 pounds is plenty "lightened" for me. If I have a line on a 200mm stock flywheel is it should I just get a roadster clutch? Is the 220mm a better option for finding parts in the future? Again any suggested combos and why would be appreciated. I know it is a matter of opinion and experience.
  4. Hello Again, There are quite a few variations on this topic, however they are mostly directed to getting a new clutch. I am actually starting from scratch and don't have a clutch or flywheel. I am looking for some recommendations that will not break the bank. I would like to try and keep the combo below $700 USD, well below if possible but my criteria might make it more expensive. I have a '69 510 and am putting an L20b engine in it. I don't drive very often but would mostly be using it for trips and daily driving. I will occasionally race. I like lightened flywheels and understand the drawback of those. I have been looking at the 200mm options as it seems like if starting from scratch you might as well go there. Can you please recommend a complete setup and if possible place to purchase them from. To make it somewhat more difficult I am up in Canada. I have been looking through Summit Racing, Rock Auto, DP racing, and Datsun Parts, they seem to be the correct price however I have found so many options that it is overwhelming and am now frozen trying to figure out what goes with what... Thanks for your advice.
  5. Hello, I posted this in the 510 realm but wasn't able to find a solution, they suggested I try here. I tried looking here but the search function doesn't seem to be working. I am sure this is covered somewhere. I have a 510 automatic on the tree and am going to convert it to a 280 5 speed transmission. However given that the auto is on the tree there is no reference for where to cut the hole in the tunnel. Does anyone have the measurements for location and pattern for the hole I need to cut? The best information I can find says don't cut the brake lines. Seems like sage advice but brakes only slow you down. I was given this as guidance already but it doesn't have a starting location and is a way bigger hole than I need. http://www.datsport.com/Transmission_cu ... rsion.html Thanks for the hours saved if someone has these details! It is difficult to measure 3 times and cut once without measurements.
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