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  1. Awesome, thanks for the leads!
  2. Do you know the name of the yard? It would be worth looking into if it’s low mileage, might be worth a gamble. Thanks!
  3. Ahhh I see. I’ll have to wait it out for a 4x4 to pop up in Oregon🤞 Thanks Mike!
  4. Hey all, Merry Christmas! i have an 85 720 KC 4x4 that I have been pecking away at getting back into good driving shape. i have been putting off replacing the rear axle assembly, and had some hope of just replacing bearings in my differential but after closer inspection that is no longer a viable option. My questions are; Can I swap my c200 rear end for a rear and from a 2wd that has a h190 in it? Or does anyone have a 4wd C200 rear end that I could buy or any other ideas? Thanks!
  5. Awesome. Can’t wait to check all this stuff out!
  6. Good call I will have to move the tires up front before I spend any money. I do think it’s needs an an alignment as well, it’s a little off. But I guess I was thinking of an taking it to a tire shop for alignment and balancing of the wheels all around, hoping balancing the rear wheels would help a the rear shaking a bit. It shakes at about 45, and definitely more under acceleration. It is coming from the rear but the drivers side mirror also shakes in unison, but the passenger side mirror does not.
  7. Good to know about that soup. There was no metal chunks on the bung, but since it was so thick it could be holding some bits I can’t see, I’ll change the differential oil once more after driving it for a little while, see what I come up with. I could be imagining things but it seemed to feel smoother and less violently shaking after replacing the differential oil.. I’ll have to go get an alignment and balance see if that makes a difference. Replacing the rear axle sounds daunting but after what I’ve done so far I’m determined to have this thing in top top shape. Ok cool I’ll check that pinion when I get back home (in a little over a month ?) in the mean time I’ll hope that the junkyard has the axle when get back, and really hope they still have 3 good fender flares when I call tm!
  8. That’s a nice to know, never would have thought of that. Well I crawled around underneath, and drained the differential oil. Drive shaft still has the balancing weight, and I didn’t see any missing weights on the wheels or bulging tires. (Still gonna get these balanced, who knows if those weights are helping or hurting me) Looked at the drums for missing pieces, but should I be looking inside? Never opened one up before. As for the differential “oil” I’m not sure you could call it that anymore, it’s more of a sludge.. not sure how I will find metal shavings in it but I’m gonna find a strong magnet and maybe water it down with some gas to see and what I come up with. Any thoughts?
  9. It’s 41 I appreciate these replies, real good info. After I felt a bunch of play in my U joints I decided to take it to a shop and have them do it, and they said they replaced the u joints and that they failed on the test drive?! When I went by to talk to them I noticed the drive shaft wasn’t in the truck.. is there a possibility the drive shaft balance weight fell off or was never put back on? It never had such bad vibration before, before it felt like an out of balance tire and a alignment was needed and there was noise when engaging gears that sounded like shot u joints. They said they replaced the cheap parts with spicer U joints but I’m still filled with regret for taking it into them. So ill need to do some investigating on my own when I have the time, and even though I don’t know Jack about diddly I won’t be taking it to a shop again. ? I will start with switching tires around and see how that feels, thanks again everyone!
  10. I had a lot of noise in the rear and a lot of vibration in my rear end. U joints were definitely shot but after replacing them and new shocks and bushings the vibration is more aggressive. Speeds above 45, especially under excelleration. It would cruise around pretty good before (besides the noise) with a decent vibration between 45-55 mph but this too rough to be scooting around. I’m already In way over my head ? but I’m thinking rear diff? I’m looking for a rear differential for my 4x4 85 720. I found a full rear axle at the junkyard for 250, but buying one from these goombahs makes me uneasy. What do you guys think? anyone in the northwest have one they would be willing to part with?
  11. KCs720

    KC’s 85 ST Build

    Awesome, thanks for the info mike! Finally sprung for some decent 1/2 sockets, a bigger breaker bar and a halfway decent torque wrench, (even though I’m still a little scared to pop those head bolts loose, tried to do it with my 3/8 breaker bar and felt like I was gonna break or deform the little bugger) the head bolts retorque and a valve lash adjustment will be next on my list. Should I be putting the head bolts back in dry or with grease? I found an 84 FSM I plan on picking up next week, is there any reason to not pick up the 84 FSM for my 85? It’s a good deal if it’s still available by the time I can get up with the guy. Not really worried about the performance, this thing putts around just fine. I just moved out of the city so this truck is perfect for cruising country roads. I still couldn’t resist buying a Weber 32/36 kit however!
  12. KCs720

    KC’s 85 ST Build

    It does not have power windows and locks or the sunroof. As for the tape I’m not sure what you mean, the rubber seal has shrunk and come unseated on the rear quarter window, there is also a sun faded spot right behind it, could either of those be what your lookin at? I’ll post some better pictures when I get home in a couple days, and some interior photos also. The interior is missing a few pieces I’d like to try and find and/or try find solutions for replacing. There are few spots where the clear coat is sun faded and a few spots where the paint has peeled, (one major spot on the tailgate I have to decide what to do with) and a couple spots where the paint has been rubbed down, mostly on the top of the bed rails and the tailgate, the bed liner has covered... some of em. I’ll have to look into the intermittent wipers, I’m honestly not sure.
  13. KCs720

    KC’s 85 ST Build

    Thanks Charlie, it’s had some responsible previous owners for sure. I drive like a grandpa, and intend to maintain it like one, so it’s a good thing I didn’t find it 10 years ago ?
  14. KCs720

    KC’s 85 ST Build

    Here’s some pics of my 85 ST that I wanted to share, I’ve posted about this truck before but wanted to start a build thread for it. I’ve had this truck for about a year but after driving it around town a bunch this summer I’ve decided to give it some love. I bought the truck in Central Oregon and it has very little rust thanks to a thick undercoating, and spending some time in the high desert. It has (reportedly) been towed behind a motorhome for most of its life. At 230,000 miles I’m not sure how many of those the engine was running for, but judging by the Tesoro Alaska gas stamp booklet from the early 90’s I found under the seat, this truck has been all over. So far I’ve put new plugs and wires in it, new shocks and new fluids. On the outside I wire wheeled the only serious rust spots near the rear wheel wells, then coated the bed with Por 15 and a coat of bed liner. Loving this truck, looking forward to getting more parts in it!
  15. KCs720

    First 720

    Hey everyone I’m Kelley, first post and first 720. Ive been reading through this forum and wow. Lots of good info. I’ve spent enough time reading through posts to come to the conclusion that photos are like cigarettes in prison around here, so I’ll start there. https://photos.app.goo.gl/K4S4hh5KP1Y4xMCi7 https://photos.app.goo.gl/DwqYcGfvV96AGTyN9 A little while back I found a 1985 720 ST, liked how it looked and wanted a little truck to haul things to the dump and what not. I’ve never owned a Nissan, never owned a car with a carburetor. A coworker of mine used to have one and told me “as far as small trucks go, those Z24’s are rippers” well done and done. So I bought it sight unseen. Before I even got to drive it I was reading about the head gaskets, this and that, yadda yadda. 8 spark plugs? A carb? Yikes.. I felt like a hypochondriac discovering Web MD for the first time. Shortly after it stopped driving (it would idle) and I felt like I was about have my worst fears confirmed. (And maybe even worse, an I told you so from the wife) Then today I put a new fuel filter in it, she cranked right up and I took her out for a rip! Looking forward to learning to work on this truck, and when I get the balls I’m gonna slap a Weber 32/36 I have on it. Should I give it a full tune up and some pampering before putting the new carb on or does it matter? And thanks everyone, I feel blessed I am not just going off a Haynes manual on this one!
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