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    WA on island near water
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    720 4x4, Metros, Leaf, GMC, VWs, the rest exceeds available space
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    Half retired, sheet metal recently

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Previous cars: 240Z's in '74 and '91, 510 in '77, 720's in '05 and '18, VW rabbit 76, 73 Capri 4 cyl Car Corp turbo, Blakely Bantam 2.0 German 4 cyl w/ AT, 4.10 diff, same CC turbo, 64 Corvair, Fiat 850 Spider fastback, Sunbeam Alpine. MG kitcar, 67 Volvo wagon, Dasher diesel wagon 85 and 95 Metros languishing. Z Car Club of WA newsletter editor couple years early 90s. 1940's two cylinder John Deeres, Farmalls.  GMC PU now eating gas and hating it after loving propane. Never eat more than you can lift. Drive a vehicle as old as you are. Simple is reliable. Redundant gives you a chance of getting home. Aerodynamics, aircraft structures, 1940's machining and ag technology.

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