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  1. Thanks Jersey. Funny enough, I found those numbers online but when I search for it, I’m still not coming up with anything. Do you know if there is another part that is compatible?
  2. Hi all. I’ve been trying to find a replacement egr valve for my 74’ L18 engine. Only having luck finding replacements for the L20. They look the same, but I assume there is some slight difference that makes them incompatible? Any insight on this? Part number? Advice on where to purchase? the egr passage and valve assy were COMPLETELY clogged. I don’t think it’s possible to rebuild the valve, but I was able to clean out the passage. thanks!
  3. Hey all, I’m wondering if anyone has a good step by step guide to rebuilding my L18? Or even better, a step by step video?
  4. Thanks for your quick reply. I’ll read through the link you provided. I know fuses have to be tested, which I did with a light tester and I also used my DMM and tested continuity across all of them. edit: I looked at your link, it’s one of the topics I read thru already, but I’m going to give it another shot. You know how the vortex of electrical crap sucks you in and next thing you know you think you’ve tried everything but maybe missed one simple step? I’m hoping this is my problem.... haha
  5. I’ve been all over this forum and others, thru the FSM, all sorts of testing switches/checking for voltage/examining wires, and I still haven’t found a conclusive reason why they don’t work. My fuses are all good and a brand new fuse box. Both high and low work when you apply direct voltage. The lighting relay continuity tests are as they should be, the light switch also has continuity and power, the dimmer switch located on the steering wheel is not testing like the FSM says it should, so I am at a point where I think that’s the problem but I’m wondering if there are other tests - using jumper wires/etc. to see if that’s the issue. I’m also having a hard time even locating that specific part online if it’s even the problem (I search for dimmer switch and all that comes up is the turn signal switch). Any help y’all could offer would be greatly appreciated! I should also note, I’m not a whiz at electrical stuff, have limited knowledge, so it’s possible I’m doing it wrong. Lolz.
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