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  1. Haha... you DO exist! http://importarchive.com/datsun/510/1968-1973/paint#818 Have anymore photos I can post for that color? I added that shot to the example images, but the way the sun hits it makes it hard to appreciate the color. Maybe some angles with the light hitting the car? PS: That patina'd 2-door is perfect... I'll assume there's an RB26TT under the hood. 🙂
  2. Ugh. ...and 817 is also Sable Brown Metallic on the 1980-1981 Datsun 200SX and 1981 Maxima. Thanks Datsun. Thanks @Draker! I updated the chart with your info.
  3. ...and this is what drives me crazy. Datsun code 906 is ALSO on the 1979 Z and shows up as Red. Grrrr. Thank you for the photo. I used it to update my chart with a more precise color and it validated my own research. importarchive.com/datsun/510/1968-1973/paint
  4. Awesome! I'll shoot you a PM in a moment.
  5. I'm still on the lookout for 38 US-market Datsun brochures to complete the archive. Any collectors out there? http://importarchive.com/brochure/datsun
  6. Colors are helpful, thank you! I wish it told me which colors applied to which models, but eventually someone will dig this up.
  7. Whew, hard to read those codes, but I was able to add a bunch of unknowns to my database for future use. I updated my chart... but not really happy with not actually knowing which colors apply to which years. I hate to add information that isn't verifiable, but in this case I guess any information is better than no information. Hopefully over time we can refine this. Thanks for your help!
  8. Yeah, I am aware of that site and couple of others, but their historical accuracy is pretty dismal... they pretty much list anything that MIGHT be possible -- whereas I want to try to have accurate year-by-year data for each model.
  9. Thanks! Updated the site and the chart above. I have all the US-spec brochures posted here: http://importarchive.com/datsun/510/1968-1973
  10. Thanks @240zness for loaning your 1980 lineup brochure to me. It's now up for everyone to share:
  11. If you have a US-market 510, can you shout out your year and paint code?
  12. I think I got my information from a Datsun enthusiast who had found an old book showing only 1968 information. I want to add colors... but only if you're fairly certain that the information is accurate. I think as other 510 owners chime in I can get this filled out!
  13. I'm adding Datsun content to my massive brochure archive and I don't have much accurate paint code information for the 510. Can I get a little help? I'm not even sure that what I do have is actually accurate or not! http://importarchive.com/datsun/510/1968-1973/paint
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