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    Hello I am in search of an ignition relay for a 1976 710 ignition relay. I am willing to buy new or used as long as it works. From what i have gathered any Datsun ignition relay from 1974-1977 should work. Sincerely, Christian


  2. Cid

    Suspension and Ride

    I’m hoping that it still has the original dampers because changing oil viscosity seems to be much cheaper. Thank you for both for the help.
  3. Cid

    Suspension and Ride

    I’ll take your word for it but how can you tell? Ok yea I might have tried to replace the wrong part of you didn’t tell me that. I’ll let you know the verdict once I replace them.
  4. Cid

    Suspension and Ride

    datsunfreak you’re probably right. I just don’t know how to check them but should be able to figure it out. I have leaf springs in the rear though so I would replace the leaf springs for the rear correct instead of shocks? Truth be told I am not that mechanically inclined and just trying to learn as much as I can.
  5. Hello Everyone I recently bought a 1976 710 sedan. Finally was able to drive it for a little the other day and noticed the ride was a little bouncy. I have been searching the threads to see what kind of options there are out there to create better handling and a more enjoyable ride. If you know of any threads or bolt in options please help me out.
  6. Cid

    Smog Pump

    Thank you everyone for the help. On my L20B It ended up being a 8m - 1.25 x 90 with a nut on the end towards the belt.
  7. Hello everyone, just wondering if anyone knows what size bolt fits the pivot point for the mount on the L20B smog pump? Have tried several different bolts and no luck. Any help would be appreciated.
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