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  1. Tv808

    weber 45 Dcoe side draft set up back firing

    decked block and port matched head and polished
  2. Tv808

    weber 45 Dcoe side draft set up back firing

    it’s a fresh build with ka24e forged pistons 40 over and rods, lightened and balance crank, scneider valve spring and retainers, web 292 cam, weber 45 dcoe dual side drafts, fuel pressure regulator 3.5psi doug theory headers.
  3. Tv808

    weber 45 Dcoe side draft set up back firing

    the vacuum advance is not hooked up on my distributor so i’m going to try an electronic destrbitor without vacuum advance. thank you
  4. Tv808

    weber 45 Dcoe side draft set up back firing

    i have a fully built engine with a web 292 cam. intake opens 49 degrees before tdc exhaust 53 degrees before bdc. since there is no adjustable cam in guessing i need to change the degree on the sprocket to compensate. also i’m using the factory distributor with vacuum advance which also may be causing a issue since i have to compensate for that. i’m stumped.
  5. what could be the proble. i checked timing, vacuum, adjust carbs the same as factory settings and it is still doing it. any ideas?
  6. Tv808

    z24 intake manifold

    no i was installing an empi 38E carb kit but was not able to remove the studs on the intake manifold. they were seized when i tried to double nut them the where just stretching the studs. so i had to cut them off and drill and tap them. as i was doing so i ended up making a mistake and cracked the manifold because i drilled a little too deep. i’m going to eventually put a side draft webber 45 set up but i would like to see how this carb would run in it with the he mods. eventually i would like to use it and modify it to make a blown through turbo setup
  7. Tv808

    z24 intake manifold

    does anyone have or know where to buy a intake manifold other than the manifold for side draft setup?
  8. when i finish my build i will post updates. after this build i’m leaning towards a lb20 build. if my z24 motor does what i expect it to do then i will put it in a 620 or a 510 but i want to keep it old school and build datsun engines instead of going with the sr20det or the ka24de.
  9. thank you for the info i appreciate it. i know everyone says the z24 isn’t a motor to build to get hp gains. it was meant for better emissions. the head is built similar to a dodge hemi where as it’s a hemispherical type head. i do know due to the low compression ratio and excessive exhaust burn that the motor is great for turbo. besides that i’m just building it to have a fun datsun/nissan engine that i could eventually put in a datsun 620 or 510 one day when i find one. i’m just a fan of nissan and datsun and have always been since i was a kid.
  10. thank you for the info i appreciate it
  11. will the sr20det or ka24de springs work?? or should i just get new stock springs and retainers. due to the original ones probably are worn
  12. 292 webb cam with 40 over pistons 9-1 decked block milled head ported and polished compression should be around 10-1 forged rods balanced and lightened crank webber 45 sidedraft. i need a valve spring that will be stiff enough to handle the cam due to the high lift.
  13. what model engine valve springs and retainers fit on the z24 engine that are stiffer

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