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  1. Right, well I thought I had solved the fuel check valve at least, but apparently not. The one I ordered was too big to fit the lines. Now, there are a few listed on Ebay, but I'd rather not shell over 70+ dollars. Anyone know the actual size on this? I'm guessing 1/4 or 5/16, but I'd like to double check before buying again.
  2. Melkor

    LED Gauge Cluster

    Looks like I probably misread something, because upon disassembling my spare cluster it seems that the 720 version is a lot simpler, since there are no bulbs tied to the speedo/tach themselves. Just plug and play the whole way through. Sure does make things a lot simpler.
  3. Melkor

    LED Gauge Cluster

    So, finally got tired of not being able to see half my stuff at night, particularly the speedometer. Anyone know what kind of bulbs are required for a 720 gauge cluster? Digging out some of the (apparently original) Toshiba bulbs lists the larger as 158, and the smaller as 74, while I've heard the 158 is superseded by 194, but I'd like to double check just to be sure, as well as get some recommendations on any particular style of LED that might work well with the cluster. No idea about the lights that are apparently behind the speedo/tach however.
  4. So upon further searching and comparing with the Z24i service manual, the pressure does have to be 14 psi, it appears the others talking about 45 psi were referring to the Z motors in the D21. Found this on the Holley website and it appears to be right for the pressure I need, but does the Z24i use 3/8" NPT or 6AN? And the valve above the tank that some people I know suggested I delete is in fact the fuel check valve/rollover valve, and after scouring the internet again I found some that might be compatible, but...well, same question as above really. 3/8" or some other AN measurement?
  5. Melkor

    Camper Shell

    Time Left: 7 days and 2 hours

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    Looking for a camper shell that will fit an 86 720 ST, standard cab. Iirc it was 6 foot from front to tailgate, and four foot eight inches from side to side.


    South Lake Tahoe, California

  6. Well yes, I wasn't talking about deleting the FPR, just the rollover valve/thing that keeps gas from spilling if you flip over/whatever you want to call it. As for the link, I've already looked at that one and it's for a different engine, mine is the Z24i. Thanks though, didn't expect a response so quickly.
  7. So I've been looking around for a new fuel injector pressure regulator for my truck, and Holley seems to be the brand most people recommend... But. I've read different things when it comes to the PSI, with some people saying it should be 14 psi (which the manual suggests) and others say that since it's fuel injected it needs 45 psi. There's also a load of different Holley regulators in general, and I'm having a bit of trouble finding which one would actually fit the truck... I'm also having trouble finding what appears to be the roll over valve(?) everywhere I usually buy parts, and mine either needs to be replaced or deleted entirely at this point since according to several people who've apparently had this happen to them it's what's been killing my speed every time I go uphill. Nissan discontinued it just like everything else, and no one else seems to sell one that fits my truck so...should I just go with their advice and delete it at this point? Any advice would be appreciated. Edit: Any before I forget a new cover to go over the lever that shifts the truck from 2 wheel drive to 4 high/Neutral/4 low, since none of the places I usually buy from have that either, and mine is pretty trashed/lets in freezing cold air during winter.
  8. Yep, had that problem when trying to find break shoes/drums, must've ordered them two times before taking extremely careful measurements of the old ones and scouring RockAuto for ones that would fit, 2wd/Rwd designation be damned. Auto parts are rather frustrating to order honestly, since there's no telling if said part will actually fit or not until it arrives. Which is why I'm just going to pay the guy working on it at the moment to weld/cut it into the proper shape, rather than play the guessing game on if this or this is the right pipe for my truck, because despite the label of being for 2wd or 4wd I've found that said label is...less than reliable. Might be because of my truck and the guy who owned it before me, might be because of the model changeover, either way it remains an exercise in frustration that I'd rather not deal with.
  9. Pretty much yeah, need one to pass smog in California. Funnily enough after making this thread the guy currently working on my truck offered to fabricate/weld one together when I brought it up, so that problem is (maybe) solved. Even offered to bring my truck to the smog guys across the street from his shop after doing so since he used to be a smog guy way back in the day, and they know each other, which will (hopefully) make the whole process easier. Though on the downside the downpipe I ordered didn't fit properly, so it'll be a few days before he can do that since he has to cut/weld it to connect to the rest of the exhaust system. Such is the life of owning a 720 made on the year they switched models I guess.
  10. ^Title. Anyone know where I can find one for an 86 720 pickup? It feels like I've looked everywhere at this point, and I'd rather not have to buy a (non-CARB compliant) manifold just for the heat shield it comes with.
  11. Melkor

    Brake Shoe Troubles.

    Eh, worth a shot. It does seem like all the 4x4 breaks are 2 1/4+ inches wide, whereas mine are 1 3/4. So either the guy who owned the truck before me swapped some stuff out, or RockAuto is listing their stuff wrong. Looks like the BENDIX 571 shoes will fit though, at 10" X 1.77". Or the RAYBESTOS 527PG, since they're on sale and I've heard good things about them.
  12. Right, so I've had a devil of a time trying to find new brake shoes for my truck. Must've ordered at least three sets and sent 'em back because despite the claims of various websites, they did not in fact fit. Though at least I found good Drums on the second try. Anyone know where I can find ones that will? I measure the brakes out at 1 3/4 inches wide, but a lot of the ones I can find that actually seem like they might work are for RWD while mine is 4wd, and the 4wd ones listed are too wide. Does it really even matter as long as they fit?
  13. Good to know, shouldn't be too hard. But yeah, I'm pretty sure the guy who owned it before me or my uncle did messed with the wiring something fierce. He was a mechanic, but apparently a terrible one judging by the state of the truck when my uncle first bought it. Edit: Success! Took a bit of finagling, but I can finally see my oil pressure. Very happy the gauge wasn't also toast. Though I'm at a loss on how to tighten the sensor with a wrench/whatever after getting it as far as I (carefully) could by hand. It doesn't appear to be leaking at the moment, but I'll wait a bit and see if it starts to.
  14. The Old Unit: The New Unit: What I was (poorly) trying to ask was if there was an adapter that would work with the latter image to fit a female T shaped connector, or if I should just redo the wiring on either the old connector leading to the gauge/light, or the new oil sending unit using some spade terminals. On a side note, I'm left wondering why my old one looks so different from all the new ones. And you would not believe how hard it was to find under all the...well, layers and layers of grease/dirt/I don't even want to know. At first I thought it was part of the engine itself, and wondered what it did as well as what the wiring led to, but after consulting my books for the tenth time it appeared that no, it really was the oil pressure unit. Just, y'know, absolutely buried under a massive layer of crap.
  15. So I was replacing my oil pressure sending unit with a new one since the old one was so rusted/caked with sludge that I'm surprised it hadn't fallen apart, but I've run into something of a dilemma. The old unit apparently had it's connectors in a T shape, while the new one is the same as a regular old plug. Are there any adapters I could use for this, or will I have to cut/redo the wires up on either the sending unit or the plug leading to the gauge?
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