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  1. What’s the proper way to get the old out and the new in?
  2. Now , with your invaluable help Mike, I’ve found the problem. The black wire fuseable link looks like a bad Frito, crispy and burned with the brass connector exposed. Luckily, cruising the offerings on E Bay I found the exact same one, used of course but much fresher than this crispy critter I’ve got. For 20 chits I’ll find out if this solves the problem in a few days. I have a question for you regarding this piece. What makes this a fuseable link, I’m kind of fuzzy on just how they work, why not just put a visible fuse where this thing is instead of a melted wire and connector. Would be much simpler/safer to me, but hey I don’t design vehicle electronic systems.
  3. I don’t know what happened. Left to get some more Holiday lights and got there with no issues, came out with the booty and went to start er’ up and nothin’! !, I had fuel and temp gauge at first then they went south for the winter! clock still works along with exterior lights, headlights, horn and interior light but no start. Gave the fuse box a look see and everybody’s solid. Got er’ towed home and replaced the guts of the ignition switch, thinkin’ it was time for a new one as it was acting up and is the original piece, but still nothin’. Checked all the related relays and found them to be in working order. I’m taking the starter to get checked out in the morning but I’m betting it’s good to go. Didn’t smell nothin, saw no smoke and heard nothing unusual, This has got me lost for an answer as to why it just quit, anybody have history with something like this?
  4. Can’t get the cap to seat on the wheel, super tight fit. Wrong cap? 2004 Frontier wheel on my 1985 720 2WD
  5. Thank you Mike, looks like a bare knuckle afternoon. On another note, where would I find the gear ratio tag on the diff? Finally found the 15 inch wheels I wanted, to replace the 14’s that are currently on. Thanks again.
  6. Ughh, I’m not looking forward to yanking it out but that will give me the opportunity to blast everything clean again😶 and change that bad seal. Any tricks to dropping the trans on a 4X2 standard cab ‘85 720?
  7. Do I have to remove the trans to replace the front seal and seal cover ?
  8. Crawled under there and no visible harm done and nothing loose, all nuts and components still solid and not shaking around. Bushings all less than 2 yrs. old, put in the neoprene versions when I replaced the upper and lower ball joints and tie rod ends. I didn’t replace the A arm bushings though, looked ok. Had the realignment done at the dealer and they said I was good to go. What’s the procedure for pulling out the torsion bars and checking those guys out? More trouble than its worth to get “IREENE” back level again ???...
  9. Hopped in Ol’ Blue, ( 1985 720 2x4 standard cab, short bed) drove about 200 yards and heard a sound similar to a spring that sprung. BUNG...stopped, hopped out and didn’t notice and thing broken or hanging down, so went on my merry way. Didn’t seem to handel any different. Got back home and noticed he was leaning to the passenger side a little bit !! Whaaat!!!, what gives?
  10. I'd like to fit a larger size tire on my 86' 720 2WD. I don't want to put a lift kit on it, if I don't have to. I would just like another inch or two of clearance under it. Right now I've got the small P205 75 R14's under it. I would like something a bit taller. I was told that the front end has some adjustment for lifting it up some how, I don't want the tires to be rubbing when I turn, any help ? :confused:
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