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  1. Monkey motion. Ha. No wonder my 620 feels like a total slop box.
  2. I just sent a message. I checked ebay and a few different posts on ratsun about them but haven't gotten much info on ordering. I run 16"s and his write up is so straight forward a monkey could do it. Fairly cheap too. Idk maybe they'll fall in my lap.
  3. ....... how the hell does one get a set of beebani's brackets? Do I just PM them? Visit a website? Hope there are some at the Canby swap meet?
  4. Ive had my 620 for like 10 years and had never heard that joke till like 3 months ago... since then I've heard it like 4 times. It was good stuff the first go round
  5. Yellow

    1973 620 gas shocks

    Just installed a set today. They work great!
  6. Yellow

    1973 620 gas shocks

    Ah okay thanks anyway
  7. Yellow

    1973 620 gas shocks

    Are they shorter than stock replacments? Might take that offer.
  8. Yellow

    1973 620 gas shocks

    Thanks guys I'll try out some pinto shocks.
  9. Yellow

    1973 620 gas shocks

    So I recently replaced my blown front shocks with oem shocks, which then blew out within a week. I have cut the bump stops and cranked the tortion bars down in the front. Its maybe 3 1/2" to 4" lower total, not quite resting on whats left of the bump stops. Does anyone have any idea what size shock I need to stop blowing them out?
  10. ... Wait you guys have hood lamps? Lol
  11. Yellow


    Ah ok... have to make em fit, I'm committed now. Wheres the number 1600 come from? Never seen those before
  12. Yellow


    Will these fit on the fenders of a 73 620? Like.. Just curious if i need to sticky tape them or if they work with the stock holes and inserts Fyi they're already ordered because these are (in my opinion) the best looking emblems. https://m.ebay.com/itm/DATSUN-New-METAL-FENDER-EMBLEM-For-Datsun-1200-Coupe-Pair-/192301806083
  13. Yellow


    Oh that's cool and super local, I'll keep an eye on that thread
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