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  1. I hate getting blinded by cheap LEDs that aren’t properly focused . 
    On my Z I went with Cibie lens and relays because my 71 didn’t have relays . The lights are equivalent to by 2017 VW lights . The lens makes all the difference and how the bright light is focused . I would not consider LEDs unless there was a proven lens that works with it 

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  2. My 83 has the z24 . With factory wheel size it’s quite zippy - even with the 3.90 gear set. Maybe you also have the same gear set which can be soggy with larger tires . 
    I plan in a turbo eventually once I get my EFI dialed in . 
    The lack of power comes in to play on the highway which I hope the turbo with supplement my power and avoid a bunch of downshifting on hills 

  3. 58 minutes ago, A guy named Rick said:

    my best 0-60 was 10.2, about 17.5 1/4 mile @ 76 mph. All stock, weber 32/36, 2wd, 2.4 napz. 5-speed. I launched it too (idk how many rpm), and let off the gas a fraction of a second after clutching in to gaim some rpm before shifting up to help it lurch forward on the next gear.


    But yes these are not performance vehicles lol. i just wanted to see what it was capable of.

    That’s actually not too bad for these turds

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  4. I actually was thinking of starting a 0-60 thread . It is actually a ballpark indicator of how the truck runs . Not for bragging rights , but for some real world perspective . Folks have commented that my 3.90 gear on a 4WD drive would be soggy , but it really isn’t . How would I compare to another truck that was tuned ? 
    I did this with my Z . How do most production cars get compared ? 0-60 times. You think you 

    Does the 38/38 really give you added hp? Or just a grunt of torque for a second but gulping the fuel 

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  5. 11 hours ago, Lockleaf said:

    The solution is to depin and repin the plugs or to install a bulkhead.  Both are suck amounts of work but both solve the problem.


    Madkaw, you have a grommet for that?


    Eventually I will get a grommet . Doubt the plastic hole will do much damage . I’ve taped everything up . I needed to be able to pull it out to work on it so a grommet would have made that harder 

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  6. IT RUNS! 

    She tested my troubleshooting skills . Had a wire with a nick in it laying on a bare shielding wire that was shorting my coolant sensor wire -jesh. 
    Quite sure I will have to work some kinks out . I already have a coolant leak to deal with and it’s in a bad spot around the thermostat housing . 
    Also will need to get a tune saved that runs good . Drove it around the block a few times , but even with no real time it ran decent . 




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  7. Well I took my new cable that was too short and gave it to a talented friend that welded/brazed/soldered the end of one to the other and got me the length I needed . 
    Had a hard time getting the engine to run . I swapped my injectors from my z(26lbs) with the ones that were in the truck (44lbs) and bingo it ran. I have to dial it in and find the big vacuum leak . 



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  8. 36 minutes ago, datzenmike said:

    Why not a throttle cable for an '80-'83 S110 200sx? Probably one from a KA 240sx would also fit for length.

    It’s also about the ends . I might have done better with the 200sx , but it’s all a guess . And if I search 200sx cables , the web comes up with 720 cables 

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  9. About wired up . I still have to install fuel pump . I still don’t have a throttle cable. I talented shop owners says he can lengthen the cable . The cable for the hardbody I ordered was super short , but it will sacrificed to make a longer cable . There’s probably one that right size out there but won’t have the correct ends .

    It’s hard to get an appreciation of the plumbing spaghetti that happens under this intake . Between radiator hoses , ps steering hoses , coolant return lines and throw in a AC hose makes it pretty busy under there and makes this job tougher . It was brought to my attention that there is a coolant manifold to handle all the returns with this induction set up , but I ended up using just a T. Hopefully that won’t come back to haunt me . 
    Other notes are that the mounting hardware is all different . This manifold is thicker than the carb manifold . 
    You probably noticed how close the TB is to the radiator hose . I had to fight for every millimeter to get a 90 to fit on the TB and clear the hose . To run a tube across to a filter will be close too. It will barely clear the PS pulley. This whole project would be so much easier without PS . I had to move the pump to reach one of the manifold bolts . 
    Im hoping to have it started tomorrow after I swap out a bad fuel pump . Still might not have a throttle cable so I can drive it 


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  10. About wired up . I still have to install fuel pump . I still don’t have a throttle cable. I talented shop owners says he can lengthen the cable . The cable for the hardbody I ordered was super short , but it will sacrificed to make a longer cable . There’s probably one that right size out there but won’t have the correct ends 


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  11. 2 hours ago, Lockleaf said:

    So did you just remove the reservoir from the 720 pump and plumb lines, or did you switch to a different pump?  I know the 240sx pump (and other nissan pumps with remote reservoirs) are the same as a bunch of subaru pumps, so there might be some parts out there to help you clean up what you have if you don't switch to electric anytime soon.


    Are you looking at electric steering column (prius etc), or electric pump for hydraulic system (volvo, MB)?

    I just took the reservoir off the 720 pump . It’s clean enough for now . I will use a Prius steering . 

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  12. 4 hours ago, captain720 said:

    Sometimes bike shops can be a good source for custom throttle cables.

    Yes . The problem is the huge ball end the gas pedal has . Bike shops will have 3/16 ball end , but this thing is like 1/2” . 

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  13. Did the sketchy shot today . Ground out the injector notches in the head . Took longer to prepare than actual grinding/ cutting .

    Need to change out the inlet fitting on the water pump in order to connect all the coolant lines . Then I should be ready to bolt up intake . 
    The biggest stumbling block is the throttle cable . I ordered one for a 89 hardbody thinking it would be a tad longer for the throttle body . Not sure how I’m going to hook up the pedal side , but I can rig that some way. 



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  14. Well I dived right on in this morning . The remote reservoir is in . Not pretty and don’t like all the hoses going everywhere at this point . I’m hoping it will be temporary until I get electric steering . 
    The intake has given me a few issues right off the bat . It takes up more room than I like up front . The coolant routing changes for all hoses but one . The power steering bracket gets in the way for my set up . I had to cut it to clear my temp sensor . 
    The throttle cable is too short . 
    Still have to notch the intake for injectors - sketchy :-0




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  15. Well this week my wife leaves for a about 5 days so it’s TIMEEEEEEEEE,

    for the Weber to go down . Hope I have all my ducks in a row . The truck is really running well right now - so it’s time to screw it up :-0

    I have all the wiring ready on both the truck and the intake , so I should only have to connect the ends - kind of . 
    I will also be going with a remote reservoir for the PS at the same time . Lots of things could go wrong with this much on the to do list . 
    Ive decided to stay with just 4 spark plugs for now . I’m running just the intake plugs and lots of timing which the engine seems to like . 

    I will post the progress with some pics - even the sketchy shit I do - and there will be some - stay tuned . 

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  16. Woohoo- finally have AC ! This was a more about doing the change over from non-AC truck to an AC truck and making it work . It took a lot of work so it was nice to see it thru . 
    I had to jump thru a lot of hoops and it cost more than I liked , but so had everything else I’ve done on this truck - lol. 
    It is supposed to be 90 degrees this weekend so I will be testing the AC for sure.


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  17. Don’t bother with a tilt wheel- it actually takes room away from your legs because the adjustment lever hangs lower than a column with out . I’ve hit it with my knee getting in and I’m 6’2” . 
    Smaller steering wheel helps . I’ve got a 13” wheel and gives more room . I also have bucket seats , but have no comparison to the original bench seat . I do sit with the back fairly straight up , but I like that position . Never been a laid back driver . 

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  18. 21 hours ago, Charlie69 said:

    Sourcing the 83 Induction system would be hard here in Phoenix as the wrecking yards rarely have anything in the 80s.  Be nice if there was an online source for parts of this nature.

    I think it’s hard to find anywhere . I put out a want ad on FB and someone let one go.  He was a 510 guy that decided not to use it . It cost me 200$ - but it will be worth it 

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  19. I posted earlier that I had a popping noise when backing out of my driveway and it seemed to come from the front end . Well it was coming from there . I somehow didn’t get the transverse link nut right on the right side . I could move the washer behind the rubber bushing . I ended up getting about 5-6 turns on the nut . No more popping . I somehow missed this . 

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