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  1. Thank you for the information for Pierce Manifolds. I'm going to check them out today. Joe
  2. Thank you, Will give Pierce Manifolds a try. I looked on ebay and just didn't trust all the "good deals" Just don't want to make a mistake and pay twice for a carb. Joe
  3. Hello Again: Have a question about the Weber Carburetor for our 620 pickup. I contacted 3 auto part stores here in our area to purchase a Weber Carburetor. All 3 indicated that they could no longer order them. I've looked at the internet sites for the carb but am Leary about ordering one. Would like to make sure I'm getting the correct carb and all the correct parts to complete the installation. A person at the other end would be nice to talk to. Any suggestions on places to purchase one would be great. Everything else on the truck is moving along thanks to the advise from the forum. Should have it back on the road soon! Thanks Joe
  4. Hello Charlie Good advise! I've been untapping each strand back a little to get to the colors. Some of them are not tapped so that would be a good solution. Having some trouble finding some parts I need. Looking for the jack bar. I have the handle and found a jack. I also would like to replace the metal door step on each side of the cab. I tried eBay and Craig's list with no luck. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks Joe
  5. Thank you Farmer for the photos. I can use those as a reference point. Looks like the same engine except for Color?
  6. Thank you for the wire colors. That will help a great deal! Joe
  7. Thank you for the info! Can I send you a photo of a wiring pig tail I took today? I know where 1 wire goes but not sure about the other 3. Looks like 1 goes to the Carburetor. Joe
  8. Hello Everyone: Looking for some closeup under the hood photos of a 72/73 Datsun 620 pickup truck. The truck was build in 72 but has the 73 body style. My son had the truck for a few years and painted the engine compartment. Everything including all the wiring is now yellow! Several years back the engine was removed with none of the wiring marked. I do have a wiring diagram which is helping a great deal. Photos might help uncover some of the mystery wires. The forum and members have been great and very helpful. Hope you guys & gals can help with this one! Thanks Joe
  9. Hello datzenmike There are a number of EI on ebay. They say they fit a L16 engine. Are those what you are referring to? Most of them say new with no coil in the photo or description, What is the best source for a complete setup that you can rely on? Thank you Joe
  10. Hello Again Thank you for the great information! It looks like you can't reply to individual responses? It does have the dual points. One thing that's odd and maybe you can answer another question. Did Datsun change body styles mid year between 1972 and 1973? I have always thought it was a 1973 until I actually read the registration and it said 72" When you look at photos of different trucks online our truck looks more like a 1973 than a 1972! I didn't see a place to post a photo along with these questions. My wife and I purchased the truck in November of 1972 just prior to our wedding in December. I really appreciate the information on the ignition system and the carburetor. Our son works on cars all the time but never seems to have the time to help old dad out :yawn: Thanks Joe
  11. Hello Everyone: I have a 1972 Datsun 620 pickup that I purchased new in 1972. I would like to change the distributor from points to electronic. At the same time I would like to install an upgraded carburetor. Any Suggestions would be appreciated on the best route for each. Thanks Joe
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