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  1. Ok thanks for the info I did put 1 off a 77 and a 71 and both wouldn't charge
  2. Lol I thought it may be but wasn't for sure. I put 1 off a 77 on it and still nothing thanks for the info man I'm new to the datsun 620s
  3. Ok guys where is the voltage regulator on a 79 620
  4. Ok thanks you have been a great help and ill keep you posted
  5. I bought another whole truck lol its a 79 620 king cab 4 speed the truck is rough but the engine and transmission is good got the whole thing for $200 bucks so I'm just gonna switch change it over to the 4 speed thanks for all your help
  6. Ok well I found a 4 speed and a five speed but the 5 speed is off an 84 pickup will it fit my truck?
  7. I'm going to buy a tach for it. The fan does sound like it is flying away and it goes from 1st gear to high gear its like 2nd gear is not there any thoughts on that
  8. Thanks for all the help guys the reason for changing is this automatic is geared super low at 45mph it sounds like it is turning like 5000 rpm's
  9. Will my automatic drive shaft fit the 4 speed transmission
  10. Will a 71 datsun pickup transmission fit a 79 620 king kab
  11. I was wondering would a 71 datsun pickup 4 speed transmission fit a 79 datsun620 king kab
  12. I'm not sure if it does or not it's like it's in a higher gear but you have to push the gas pedal pretty hard for it to pick up
  13. Thanks a lot I will start today and see what I can do and I do hear a click right before the pedal reaches the floor
  14. It has sit for 15 years just trying to get it going
  15. Trans fluid is brick red and how is the proper way to check the fluid
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