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  1. Hello Ratsuners, It has been a long time since my last post. I wanted to inform the ratsun 620 community that my car is allowed to be driven in France. It's not a perfect score but enough to drive safely for myself and other drivers! I'm now in the process of having French plates but I can drive it daily without worrying about cops. And believe me, there's work to do with it, as you can see on the following pictures : Thank you again for your help! Everything is not achieved to make it perfect but the most important part is done, for sure ! Oukippy PS: tried to turn the second picture but I don't know how to do it.
  2. I have the manual and it's black and white diagrams. I'm trying to understand how to convert. I'm not sure it's a very simple task as the turn signal switch seems to be involved. Maybe the easiest path is to connect directly the brake switch to the stop lamps. My car was manufactured in November 1976 so it's a 1977.
  3. Hello, It looks like I'll have to change my rear combination lamps in order to convert to the European type (turn signal lamps different from stopping lamps). I've found the parts but I wonder what could be the difference concerning the wires). Does anyone have an idea or documentation on the matter? Thank you! Oukippy
  4. oukippy

    LED headlights

    I'm thinking about putting halo headlights like these ones : LED headlights Halo 5.75 I suppose that the red wire is for the halo ring. Should it be connected to the parking lamps ?
  5. oukippy

    my 1974 dats

    He told me that he raised the price in order not to have buyers and to remain listed on ebay. A nice way to do it.
  6. oukippy

    my 1974 dats

    ok. For the shifter bushing, I had the same source in mind. I contacted the seller because of the price of $540 while I saw it at $40 some weeks ago. He explained that it's because he hasn't in stock at the moment but he will manufacture new ones soon. I saw E30 many times. Could it work with other BMW models?
  7. oukippy

    my 1974 dats

    From which car model are those headlights ? Where did you find the shifter bushings ?
  8. oukippy

    How do you call it ?

    It's exactly the style I'm looking for. I thought it should have a specific name as it was old.
  9. oukippy

    How do you call it ?

    Hello, Probably a very easy question but I can't find the answer. How do you call the "leather thing" on the steering wheel on the following picture ? Is it possible to find it online ? Thank you for your help ! oukippy
  10. oukippy

    Headlights Problem

    The Datsun service manual says to apply grease to sliding parts.
  11. 1973 Datsun 620 - $600 (Florence) https://missoula.craigslist.org/cto/d/florence-1973-datsun-620/6816414868.html with 2 extra engines and transmission.
  12. oukippy

    Headlights Problem

    I still need to put everything back in the car but it will wait until tomorrow. I have a question concerning greasing the steering wheel before putting it in its place. Am I correct if I put grease on the following places ? I'll use some Bardahl copper grease.
  13. oukippy

    Headlights Problem

    I'm happy to say I've probably solved my switch problem. I removed the steering wheel using Mike technique (keeping the nut as a safety instrument). It was relatively easy, except that one of the screws holding the horn button didn't want to be removed. Hopefully I had acess to the nut. It's not the classical way to do it but at least it worked : I put the brass part in the correct way around the axle then I replaced the missing ball using a 4 mm new one and it fit pretty well. As I didn't have the good roll pin, I used the screw which was already used by a previous owner and it does the job. Here is a little non-Hollywood video of the working switch : http://www.k-upload.fr/afficher-video-2019-03-04-16aac87a7after.mp4.html
  14. oukippy

    Headlights Problem

    I recieved the balls. I tried to use one but I think the brass piece is not correctly inserted. It work one time but that was all... I think I have to unmount everything because it's impossible to work correctly in the car. Is it easy to remove the steering wheel? I read that I need to use a specific tool but I don't have one. I also read that's it's possible without it. Should I try with my bare hands?
  15. oukippy

    Cluster lid problem

    I've found the correct nut. It's a low hexagonal M10 nut (ISO 4035). It fits perfectly :
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