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  1. oukippy

    Headlights Problem

    I think I'll have to find a spin and ball bearing. I hope I won't need to buy a new turn signal switch just for 3 grammes of metal...
  2. oukippy

    Headlights Problem

    The lever was hold by a simple screw : I think there is something missing here : The missing part should push this little piece of metal which make the contact between wires : According to what I saw on the 521 post, there should be a ball bearing and a spring. I found a ball bearing under the carpet and was clever enough to keep it but I'm not sure it's the good one. Beside, I don't have the spring. Any idea on how to fix it ?
  3. oukippy

    Headlights Problem

    I unmount the lever to under how it works. I've found the problem. It was poorly repaired I think. There's no contact within the switch when I pull the lever. After removing everything, I used a screwdriver instead of the little piece of metal and was able to change the beams as expected. I'll send pictures later to ask for your thinking on how to repair. It's not a very expensive part but it's damn more fun to repair then to buy in Thailand ! lol
  4. oukippy

    Headlights Problem

    could it be the same problem as this 521?
  5. oukippy

    Headlights Problem

    Thak you very much for the explanations . My problem could be related to the hi/low switch. Nothing changes when I move it towards or away. I made a little video to show you how the stalk is loosen. I suppose it's not normal and could explain that I can't switch the beams : Any idea of what could happen ? I forgot to say that I have no problem with the turn signal switch.
  6. oukippy

    Headlights Problem

    Hello, I'm trying to understand how should the headlights work and to know if mines have a real problem. I understand that the light switch have 3 positions : off, low and high. Here's a little drawing of what happens when I use the switch (obviously on off there is no light at all) : I think it's not normal that the 4 headlights are only enlighten when I put the switch in high position. My guess is : - on low position, H1 and H4 should be enlighten at the low level of brightness ; - on high position, H1 and H4 should be enlighten at the low level of brightness and H2 and H3 should be at high level. Is it correct and what could cause the problem (if there is a problem) ? It's hard for me to understand because I've never seen a 620 before buying one 🤩
  7. oukippy

    dead hazard switch

    Hi! Very good news (at least for me) ! We have repaired my hazard switch and it's fully fonctional ! We did it Rastun style as you can see on the pictures !!!
  8. oukippy

    Cluster lid problem

    I also have a missing ring for the wiper switch. Any idea of how I could put something else to replace it ? Currently, I need my 2 hands to switch off (not very safety driving compliant).
  9. oukippy

    Cluster lid problem

    Hello again, I was planning to remove my cluster lid to wrap it with a vinyl decal because it's broken. After searching ratsun.net for all the good information needed, I gave a closer look to my car and saw the following problem: the cluster lid seems not to be touching the instrument panel (sorry for my English ^^ , I hope you understand). Consequently I can't reach one screw and I postponed my attempt because I'm far away from any other avalaible cluster lid I think. What's your opinion ? Pictures : (I tried to illustrate where I think the cluster lid should be touching the instrument panel.
  10. oukippy

    door weatherstrip

    I haven't placed them for now because I have a question concerning cutting the extra length of strip. Is it better to cut following red or green lines on the pictures ? Additional questions: any special thing to do in order to have the clips really holding the door ? Do I have to bend them before putting them in the hole ?
  11. oukippy

    door weatherstrip

    Hello, I'm in the process of replacing the outter door weatherstrips. I bought some from a guy in Portugal when I bought my windshield one. Both products are good quality and he speaks English (that was the advertisment part of my post 🙂 ). I just had to move a little bit the clips to have them facing the door holes but it was quite easy to do. Some pictures: https://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2019/07/7/1550424017-52594324-639114709881362-2299419116823379968-n.jpg
  12. oukippy

    dead hazard switch

    Thank you very much Charlie69! I'm trying to repair mine with a friend's help but I'm not sure it will be enough. I'm waiting for earing from you !!!
  13. oukippy

    dead hazard switch

    Yes, I saw it. Shipping cost is very expensive (more than the switch itself). It will probably be my second option.
  14. oukippy

    dead hazard switch

    I've posted a classified because I'm looking after a "new" hazard switch for my 77 620. I saw one on craigslist but I can't access to the contact email because I'm not in the USA. Could someone give it to me ? The ad is here : https://seattle.craigslist.org/skc/pts/d/datsun-620-oem-parts/6800938539.html
  15. oukippy

    WTB : hazard switch

    This advert is COMPLETED!

    • FOR SALE
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    Trying to find an hazard switch for my 77 620.



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