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  1. I've found a good one on rockauto: https://www.rockauto.com/en/moreinfo.php?pk=100323&cc=1210138&jsn=24953 I'll try to find the 620 reservoir in order to have the best mounting part. I read somewhere that hot rods owners sometimes use Jack Daniel's Bottle. I like the idea but I prefer to have OEM part if possible. Or I'll maybe use an hydroalcoolic gel bottle. 😅
  2. ok I understand how it works. The tricly part seems to be to find how to attach the reservoir correctly. I checked mine and I think I need to had some liquid 🙄😁 My rad cap is similar to your picture but the seals are a little bit damaged so I'm not sure they will work correctly. Is it possible to change only the cap (I don't know if it's a standard replacement part like hoses). Edit: I think Iv'e found the cap I need with rockauto.
  3. Hello, I have a question concerning my 77 620. I'm thinking about replacing the liquid coolant. I saw on carpartsmanual that only the 78-79 have a radiator reservoir tank. Is it a good idea to add one to my 77 ? Second question : any specification to follow for the liquid coolant ? Thank you, ouki
  4. oukippy

    LED headlights

    I've finally bought some Chinese led headlights, 15$ each. Totally plug and play (I've chosen the model with the shorter depth), I didn't have to cut or modify anything. Fact is I don't know if they blind other vehicles because I barely never drive at night (it's not my daily). My purpose was to use the angel eyes as daylights and it fulfils my expectation.
  5. Hello, I want to change my wheels. My car is a 77 with drums in front. Wheels are 14x6, tires 185/75/R14. The car is probably 1" lowered (one missing leaf in the back and no blocks). I'm planing to go for this type of rim : Goss Modular (I will maybe paint the center part in black actually). There's different size but I will probably go for 15x7 ET-6 or 15x8 ET-25. My questions : 1. Is 15x8 ET-25 too large with my drums (I don't want to have the wheel outside the truck at all) ? 2. Is 16/7 ET0 a better solution ? 3. Which size should I consider for tires ? I don't want to stretch them at all. Thank you, oukippy
  6. I understand how it works. Which relay should I use ?
  7. No AC in mine. Radio and cigarette lighter could be interesting or not ? From what I know, There's no risk with chinese products as it takes one month to arrive in France. Unless the postman was sick of course.
  8. Hello, I bought Led headlights from China. I'm waiting for them and I was wondering where to connect them. First the product : I'm not really interested in the turn signal capability at the moment (I'll try it but I'm not sure it's very relevant). I want the angle eyes to be enlightened when I start the engine and switch off when I stop it (I don't want to use the light switch). I'm thinking about having something like : white - orange - orange - white. Where should I plug the angel eyes to have it working like I said (the closer to the front, the better but I can add wires if needed) ? Thank you ! oukippy
  9. I didn't try to start the engine as I was alone and still learning more or less everything... I noticed that the bellows and everything underneath it was greasy or wet, that's why I thought it could be related to the smell. You're right, I'll take the rebuild kit anyway. It will help now or later.
  10. could it be related to my fuel smell ?
  11. Hello, I'm back with my fuel leak problem. I noticed a potential problem on the carburetor which can be seen on the following picture : do you think it is possible to repair with the following repair kit and do you think I still can drive like that ? https://www.rockauto.com/en/moreinfo.php?pk=987559&cc=1210138&jsn=2170
  12. Thank you very much for the offer. I'll buy the rockauto ones. I think it's WYSIWYG. If it's not the case I'll let you know. By th eway Rockauto is asking $15 for the shipping by Fedex. USPS is less then $10 usually but I don't have the choice each time.
  13. rockauto doesn't fully describe the product but if they deliver what is shown on the picture, it should include the Y part. https://www.rockauto.com/en/moreinfo.php?pk=484186&cc=1210138&jsn=11
  14. A little bit soft but brakes shoes, wheel cylinders and springs are totally new in front so I think it's normal . It seems broken but not leaking brake fluid fortunately. I think I'll need to replace the whole wheel cylinder, it will be easier. Consequently I'll change the brake shoes too...
  15. I answer to myself, it's possible to buy the bleeders alone: https://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/nissan,1977,620+pickup,2.0l+l4,1210138,brake+&+wheel+hub,brake+bleeder,1676 but is it a good idea ?
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