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  1. I would be content with just seeing a picture of it for now! Glad you were able to pick it up, that's awesome.
  2. My buddy just sent me this today as well! Love it
  3. Bstock

    Gas Mileage

    After tuning the carb, adjusting the timing, new fuel filter and some sea foam I have the car doing 28 mpg. much better than the original 20. But at this point, with the engine being stock, I feel like I should still be able to break into the 30s range.
  4. Bstock

    Shutter in reverse

    So I am having a strange "shutter" happening when I go in reverse. But the strange thing is that the "shutter" only happens when I press my brakes to stop in reverse. It sounds like something in the transmission or the drive shaft. But it only happens sometimes. Has anyone else had this kind of thing happen in their vehicle?
  5. Its enjoyable, I would keep it here. Love to see the progress that you are making. Putting in some real work there!
  6. I found a guy that is parting out a 510, do you think the bumpers and window/ door weather seals fit on a B210?
  7. Bstock


    Do you guys know a good way to repaint the decals? On my B210 I have all three decals but the color is worn out of them. Should I just paint them with some gloss paint as if I were painting a model car/airplane?
  8. Unfortunately that is the same issue I am running into as well. I have hit all the junkyards near me but still come up empty handed. At this point I'm thinking of using the best I can find. But I haven't given up! Still looking
  9. First off, I am extremely jealous of the amount of work space you have! Great progress in one weekend as well. I tried to watch but the video link had an error and said unauthorized.
  10. Bstock

    Gas Mileage

    Engine update: After all of my tune ups that I did, just changing old out for the new, the car runs so much smoother. I will keep track of my mileage this week to see if there is any improvement. If not, at least everything is fresh and I have a good base line to know when to keep up with maintenance.
  11. Bstock

    Gas Mileage

    A few of the guys in my shop are all about me putting a turbo in the Datsun. I know there are some fuel economy benefits to having one but would it be worth the hassle of the install? (I say hassle because I have never done one, only seen videos that include a fair amount of fabrication)
  12. Bstock

    Gas Mileage

    I will look into how my pedals are sitting for sure, but off the top of my head my clutch has a lot of play to begin with (I would say too much), my brake pedal sits even with my gas pedal and minus the lack of braking power I have at the moment it feels good. As for the gas pedal, Im not sure how it is set, but it seems responsive and I haven't had an issue.
  13. Bstock

    Gas Mileage

    Well I dont have to worry about any aftermarket stuff. Its all stock at the moment. Also dont have any carpet in the front either! Ha I finally finished by basic tune up, minus replacing my distributor and the wires because they are still on order. But all new fluids, belts, filters and spark plugs.
  14. I had no idea what I was looking at, yes I would agree your source looks much better and probably has some quality with the price.
  15. Bstock

    Gas Mileage

    I figure if the fluid is old, things aren't moving as efficiently as they could be. But yes I will be doing a tune up this weekend as well now though, I do also have the maintenance book for the car. Thankfully I did finally find that darn GL4 specific fluid, I was able to pick it up at some small mom and pop auto.
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