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  1. Bump for previous post Trying to to get this wired up tonight. Appreciate the help Mike
  2. Ok great. Already have the vacuum line capped. So just to be clear on everything, can you please confirm or change anything I need to do below. Please confirm if edited picture is correct. 1. Connect both black/white stripe wires from truck harness for starter to operate 2. Connect the red/black wires to reverse switch - two black wires coming off transmission closest to clutch fork 3. Tape up kick down solenoid wires and do not use 4. Make sure vacuum port is capped on top of intake 5. Do not use or attach ANY of the wires that came with the 5 speed harness
  3. No the black and Y/R wire lay on the driver side of the trans. Looks to be for the kick down solenoid according to this wiring diagram?
  4. Thanks Mike. I forgot to include a photo that is two wires on the driver side truck harness. There’s a yellow with red stripe and solid black. Anything to do with these? also, you’re saying I don’t even need the harness that came with the 5spd to wire it up correctly? https://postimg.cc/gallery/1m31qo7k8/
  5. Its time to wire up my 5 speed into my truck. My truck is a 1974 620. Originally an L18 auto trans and is now L20B 5spd. As expected the transmission wiring isn't a direct plug and play going from auto to manual trans. Has anyone done this conversion and has info on how to wire the 5 spd harness to the existing truck harness? I've attached a few photos of the 5 spd harness, the existing truck harness, and of the 5 spd that is now in the truck. The one photo out of the transmission manual is one I found online that is a similar trans out of a 200sx.. its not a FS5W71B like mine. Any help would be much appreciated!
  6. Fantastic Mike. I actually contacted that same company Midwest trans yesterday and they were unsure which kit I needed. I suppose I’ll just tell them I need that MWT104 kit if you think that’s the correct one
  7. I was told there are numbers on a few of the bearings internally that will help identifying a kit. Its out of a ‘77 620
  8. Haven’t had any luck in my search online for a rebuild kit for a 71B. Seems everyone offers everything else though. Ive been in contact with two companies that deal with the 71 trans kits and both are asking me to pull the trans apart for ID numbers and measurements. If anyone has any info or internal measurements that I can share with them to help find me the correct kit it’d be much appreciated. Btw, current trans is in unknown internal condition. Will most likely rebuild it prior to installing with fresh rebuilt L20B Cheers
  9. Makes sense. Seems like this speedo pinion is a real issue across the 620’s. I’ve seen a few different things on Ratsun
  10. Source for the rubber isolator?
  11. Great! Thanks. Appreciate the help as always Now to find that speedo pinion
  12. Mind if I ask where you got your new carrier bearing? looking to replace mine soon
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