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  1. guhibo

    Potential 620

    The plot thickens. I'd have to put the ac belt and egr valve
  2. guhibo

    Potential 620

    Yeah, he replied today and mentioned he takes it to a guy for $150 I might have to walk away from this one, since I don't feel like it's going to pass smog elsewhere i did ask for a picture of the actual test, and hopefully it'll tell me something positive
  3. guhibo

    Potential 620

    Oooh... good eye... i will check it out more
  4. guhibo

    Potential 620

    I want to drive and maintain. Thanks for your opinion Totally, I think it'd be easier to find a car with disc brakes and 5speed in the later 70s than the pre75 year models though as a starting point. I mean, I did see a 74 up in oregon with an l18 and 5 speed... hmmmmm......
  5. guhibo

    Potential 620

    I like your perspective :) Said that it's mostly stock, and in great working condition. Generic answer I guess. He's definitely willing to hear some offers. I just don't know what a fair offer is nowadays. Clean title, passes smog
  6. guhibo

    Potential 620

    I'm a newbie who looked at a truck recently. 78 5 speed l20b. I should've taken pictures myself, but here are the pictures that was posted and sent to me Listing has it priced at $3800. There is some rust under the hood, but not so much under the bed. On the bed, there are some surface rust spots. Took it for a test drive, and the breaks feel real stiff, but I'm sure that's an easy fix. questions: 1. do you think the bolts that plug the holes (from different mirror configs) on the door can be removed and filled or would it better to just get another set of doors and repaint this truck (wanting to get it white potentially) 2. Any other questions I should ask the owner? 3. Can't tell what's a good price on 620s yet. 4. is the bench stock in your observation? Thank you for all your answers ahead of time. Pardon my newb questions. This is my second post and you all are fine human beings in your quick responses to my introduction post! I was also looking at a king ca, but it's only 4 speed and I feel like changing out the transmission to 5 speed might be too pricey to add on top of what he's asking for
  7. Also, should the color be a priority, or is that an easy job?
  8. wow. you guys have responded with a lot of info! this is all amazing. I'm definitely looking at anything with l20b since those seem to come with 5-speed MT. I'm definitely going to make sure it's going to pass smog! Anybody in the LA area want to show me their truck and talk "shop"? I'll buy you lunch! Or beer. whatever floats your boat! Otherwise, I'm going to continue to do more research and see if there are any White l20b 620s out there with minimum rust and lots of love from the previous owner. Hey @datzenmike, any reason why 78/79 are the years you keep mentioning? Also, I read somewhere that the early 70s and late 70s have slightly different bodies/?
  9. Hello, I've always wanted a 620 since i've seen my friend's 720 back in the early 2000s. I finally feel like I should get one, but have very little experience in building cars. My plan is to buy a nicely working 620, and just maintain from there. I've been lurking the forums for a bit and haven't really found much info as to how to get started or what things to look for. I did read that it's a great starter project and fairly easy to maintain. I don't plan on going too crazy with mods. If any of you fine folks can point me in the right direction, I'd greatly appreciate it. Also, I'm in the northern los angeles area, and if there is anybody willing to show me the ropes, that'd be even more awesome! Thanks!

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