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  1. B.clair54

    84 720 fuel issue

    Fixed it, previous owner had gotten rid of the factory fuel pump and had run an in-line filter right before the pump, the filter was clogged and oriented the wrong way. Put a new one on retuned the carb and it’s much better.
  2. B.clair54

    84 720 fuel issue

    It has an airtex replacement fuel pump on it so I don’t think it has an integral filter but I’ll double check, I did see a filter mounted on the frame rail which I’ll replace though. Once you get into the rpms it’s fine but coming off idle if you have to take off quickly it will hesitate. The idle speed is set at 750 and I’ve leaned out the carb as much as l could just by following Weber’s tuning guide but haven’t messed with the floats because honestly I don’t know where they need to be set at.
  3. B.clair54

    84 720 fuel issue

    Picked up a cheap 720 from a buddy and have slowly been fixing it up, the stock carb was junk so I put a Weber 32/36 on it and have been issues trying to make it run right. I’m pretty sure from what I’ve been reading this morning that it has a clogged fuel filter but one thing that doesn’t make sense to me is that the truck diesels sometimes even with a fuel cutoff solenoid?? This is what I posted earlier don’t exactly know the other got there
  4. B.clair54

    84 720 fuel issue

    I picked up a cheap 720 a few months ago and I’m slow

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