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  1. wakemaniac

    1968 520

    Nice 520 ! There is a lot of info here on 520/521. Started from 0 as well 3 years ago ! I am building a 520 and have a 521 for parts. I recommend you wait and find a 520 for parts just so you have more compatible parts like Wayno said ! The frame is almost the same though...just need to move back the 2 front cab mounts about 2in. since the nose is shorter on the 520. Everything else is the same...
  2. Worked on the headlights wells/buckets that were very rough...decided to completely grind them off and retrofit the 521 ones. It works with the 520 fenders...just need a little trim in the lower corner to clear blinker in the 520 fender. 520 head light assembly bolts on the 521 wells. Got a few goodies by the mail :
  3. Well, I guess I found my wheel setup ! 15 x 8 Epsilon Raguna D-Froce JDM wheels. Off an imported Pajero here in Quebec Canada (rare wheels around here). Needs a bit of work...corosion on lips caused by lead and powder coat needed on the faces, but for about 400$ USD could'nt pass... Looking for stencils to reproduce wrinting in them.
  4. Fired up the J13 yesterday too, just to make sure it was still running lol
  5. Little update here ! I'll try to poste more often.... Things are getting closer to drop the cab on the frame. Worked on it a few hours here and there throught the year (not easy to get me time with two young kids lol). Did inner rockers repair (amazing how the outside rocker panel are in good shape considering the rest), 2 front cab mounts and seat reinforcement braquets replaced and front pans redone. Its my first floor job...maybe not perfect but at least I didnt pay someone do have it done ! The floors were redone in 1979 according to the news paper I found under de thin sheet metal used to patch. Drilled the rivets out and it was a good pan template to have new ones done but with thicker gauge metal : Passenger inner rocker repair : What driver's side looked under the 1979 repair : New pans tacked in : Epoxy primed : Now working on the headlights wells...before priming everything. Thinking of bedliner for the engine bay....once done i'll finally have the cab sitting on frame !! Anybody knows something about those wheels ? Original D21's ? Got them for 100$.
  6. Yes I did. They want 500$ to do it...figured i'd get a 3 row aluminum one for cheaper !
  7. Yes true ! Maybe the A12 engine rad would fit. It seems to be the good side for inlet/outlets....but they are 28 mm vs 35 mm on the J13. I guess I could get some reducers to adapt !
  8. Hey guys ! Anyone replaced their radiator for a J13 520 or even J15 ? Looking for a replacement but cant find anything ''exact fit''. What is the best alternative ? A 521 with 1.6 l will fit ?
  9. Jacked the 521 highest I could. Strapped the cab to trusses. Put the frame down and roll it out. Then back up my trailer to cary the cab. P.S. : do not try this at home without a prior engineer calculation of truss capacity. lol.
  10. Nice truck! Is that a carb off Ebay ? Works good ? Was going to rebuild mine but might just buy a new one...
  11. Sorry, took the pic on Google. Its not actually my mount but the same style. Will build something like Crashtd420 with 620 part ! Thanks for the infos !!!
  12. Mine was that style (rubber bushing finished...I just kept the bracket that bolt on the x-member) : Replacement im thinking :
  13. Thanks guys ! Next time I go in the shed i'll pull out and measure 520-521 fenders ! I need a transmission mount and cant find an original one anywhere... Will a 620 one be easy to fit on the original bracket that bolts into the X-member ? Will it be bolt-on on the transmission side ? Saw some posts with 5 speed swap...didnt look like too much work to fit ...will look into it more this week... Worked on motor this weekend :
  14. Will look into it since the 521's are in better shape !! I was going to use them on the 520 cab. I'll let u know !
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