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  1. A little C channel would work...i'll try to get a picture of mine later tonight !
  2. I reopened the gearbox cover and found the issue ! I skipped one tooth when I put the column in. For some reason couldn't get it in without taking off gear box from frame to get a better angle. Now its in and pitman arm moves right off when turning sterring ! Cheap fix lol
  3. Got some 15x8 (Epsilon?) Raguna D-Force wheels for the 520 for 500$ CAD (it was a steal compared to the ones on ebay!). Put some 205-50-15's on them. Lost the Portuguese and German inscrpitons «Campeao Do Mundo / Das beste auf der welt» when it got blasted and powder coated but didnt feel to spend hundreds to have them re-anodized and lasered to get the inscriptions back ! Before :
  4. Oups sorry I wasnt clear...yes the steering wheel turns almort 90 degrees but the pitman arm moves 0...gears must be worn out in box...I have 2 extra ones that I will try out and see ! Thanks !!
  5. 0 ! All new ball joints. I opened the cover of steering box and steered while truck was jacked up . There is a loose between the column gear and the pitman arm gear....I'll recheck tonight maybe i'm off one tooth !! If not...i'll swap gearboxes and see if better ! Thanks !
  6. Few more hours on the 520. Getting body panels ready and primed (and maybe painted) before winter hits ! Trying to get her done before june 2021 !!
  7. The 520 gearbox on my 68 is really different than the 521 one I have. The 521one looks more similar to the 620. I put a 620 gearbox + 620 steering column on my 520....I have the same problem ! Will try to adjust the screw going down and see. If not will try my other gearboxes to find the best one before taking the road ! Steering goes 90 degrees before wheel moves...kinda scary lol
  8. Thanks for the offer, bought a 620 one like that and modified my original mount !
  9. Re-assembled the steering column last night....what kind of loose do you guys have in your steering before wheels actually turn ? Ball joints/tie rods all new. Its really a loose in the steering column before the brass/cooper gear (like the picture above) starts moving ....steering must be close to 1/5 of a turn before something happens ! Is it normal ? Seems a lot and might be annoying on the road !
  10. Cool thanks for the info everyone !!
  11. Got two quick little questions : - what is the exact thread for the seatbelt in a 1968 (it would be STD right?) - what kind of oil to you use for your steering column gear box ? Thanks !!!
  12. It's been a little while ! Here's the update : Finally got the cab done and painted. Just dropped it on the frame. Wheels got powdercoated as well. Will work on doors, hood ans fenders to get them painted before winter. Now that the cab is on the frame, I will be able to put back a lot of stuff together !!! Had half a gallon of single stage Sikkens poly-eurethane left from my old boat refurbish. I just love the color !!!
  13. Thanks ! They riveted thin sheet metal over the rusted pans in 1979 (found news paper between the 2 layers). I drilled the rivets and took those as a model. Went to a local shop to have them cut and bent with 14 or 18 Gauge cant remember but its pretty stiff ! I dont have any measures...they just copied the old ones !
  14. wakemaniac

    Body Bushings??

    I searched quite a bit for mine and found that post : Energy suspension 9.4101R universal mounts for the 4 corners of cab (2 boxes of 2 mounts) Energy suspension 9.9531R pads for the front clip (box of 6 (4 required)) Available in black too. Didnt install yet though....
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