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  1. Yes I did. They want 500$ to do it...figured i'd get a 3 row aluminum one for cheaper !
  2. Yes true ! Maybe the A12 engine rad would fit. It seems to be the good side for inlet/outlets....but they are 28 mm vs 35 mm on the J13. I guess I could get some reducers to adapt !
  3. Hey guys ! Anyone replaced their radiator for a J13 520 or even J15 ? Looking for a replacement but cant find anything ''exact fit''. What is the best alternative ? A 521 with 1.6 l will fit ?
  4. Jacked the 521 highest I could. Strapped the cab to trusses. Put the frame down and roll it out. Then back up my trailer to cary the cab. P.S. : do not try this at home without a prior engineer calculation of truss capacity. lol.
  5. Nice truck! Is that a carb off Ebay ? Works good ? Was going to rebuild mine but might just buy a new one...
  6. Sorry, took the pic on Google. Its not actually my mount but the same style. Will build something like Crashtd420 with 620 part ! Thanks for the infos !!!
  7. Mine was that style (rubber bushing finished...I just kept the bracket that bolt on the x-member) : Replacement im thinking :
  8. Thanks guys ! Next time I go in the shed i'll pull out and measure 520-521 fenders ! I need a transmission mount and cant find an original one anywhere... Will a 620 one be easy to fit on the original bracket that bolts into the X-member ? Will it be bolt-on on the transmission side ? Saw some posts with 5 speed swap...didnt look like too much work to fit ...will look into it more this week... Worked on motor this weekend :
  9. Will look into it since the 521's are in better shape !! I was going to use them on the 520 cab. I'll let u know !
  10. Thanks ! Indeed, I am planning to have the 520 cab and 521 box on the 521 frame. The only difference between the 2 frames was the nose supports that had to be welded back about 2''. Frame length is the same though.
  11. Thanks ! The old J13 fired up last winter after changing the points. Compression between 125-140psi. Will post more details of the build soon !
  12. Hi everyone ! I have been owner of a 1969 521 and a 1968 520 for almost 2 years now. I am from Quebec Canada and those 520's are getting pretty rare with our winters up here ! I initially bought an abandoned project in september 2015. It was the 1969 521 with a chevy small block. Was going to complete it, but changed my mind when I found the 520 more complete, original and with papers ! 1969 521 : Here is the 1968 520. Bought it from a 80 year old guy in novembre 2016. He was the second owner since 1969 !!! Truck was stored since 1989 in barn. 1968 520 : Frame and box are roted out on 520. Doing a frame swap from the 521. Had to grind off custom small block supports and reweld the originals from the 520's frame. Trans x-member had to be swapped to because they torched the hell out of it to fit TH350 tranny The result. Got new brakes hydraulics, shocks, bushings, etc. for the front end. Working on rear end now. Parts truck in background... Old 520 frame and box and guttered 521 cab I started working on the J13 two weeks ago. It fired up last winter and had good compression. Got stuff for it as well. Complete ignition, gasket kit, water pump, etc. I'll post more pics of the build pretty soon. Cheers,
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