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  1. Wickerman

    75 datsun 620 turn signals issues

    The original turn signal switch was giving me issues but i can see what you mean on that one. I did order a new turn signal switch but the connecter is alot diferant and has one less wire on it and none of the wire colors match. I did clean every connection on the wire harness from front to back. All i know at this point is i have signal coming from the hazard switch into the turn signal switch but does go to the harness to the tale lights nuat the front onea
  2. Wickerman

    75 datsun 620 turn signals issues

    For some reason my turn aignals stoped working. My hazards only flash in the front and brake light wont work either. This has stumped me for better part of a month. I checked the fuses and i have power going into the turn signal switch but nothing going to the connection were the under dash harness connects to the front harness. I checked all the wires and cleaned all connections but nothing has worked. Any ideas?? I fixed everything else them lights only thing keeping it off the road.

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