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  1. Would love to see pics or build up.
  2. Anymore info. I’m curious. I have a 1983 720 Z24
  3. I recently purchased this carb kit from Redline. Is there a aftermarket intake I can use? 1983 2.4Z in my 83 720
  4. vdubbles24

    2 pc DS??

    I'm looking to put a 2 pc driveshaft in my 83 720 std cab 2wd 2.4 5spd. Any suggestions where I could order one? The truck is now bagged and body dropped, I'm asking for advice on the DS please. Thanks Brandon
  5. Calipers and rotors off a 1989 Isuzu trooper
  6. Replacing all brakes. Factory replacement on front and converting rear to disc using beebani brackets and Isuzu hardware. No I need to upgrade my master as well?
  7. Where is the best place to buy a replacement harness for 83 720 2.4 2wd manual
  8. As for rainy weather. It won’t be out in rain when done. If that makes sense. It has its new home in the garage just don’t tell the wife. Lol
  9. This is just a summer time truck. I have my Jeep and work car for daily driving. Sorry if I sound nuts.
  10. As for issues. Almost none of my lights work besides headlights and one rear running light. The harness was hacked into a mess under the dash by the previous owners. I mean it is a disaster. Is there a bare basic engine harness I can buy? My battery is mounted under the bed now and I’m running a aftermarket aluminum fuel cell.
  11. Like I said earlier just running the basics. All lights, aftermarket gauges, air ride. No radio, no heat, no ac none of that. Just looking to clean it up under hood and delete all that’s not needed. Carb is a new Weber kit. Haven’t takin it out of box yet.
  12. Just to clear it up, I wan to replace harness to delete a lot of unneeded circuits. This truck is going to be bare bones basic. No AC no heat or blower, none of the stuff just what I need to be safe and legal. I'm building a custom dash that's going to have all after market gauges as well.
  13. I'm wanting to swap out my wiring harness to something newer and simpler, I've been looking at street/hot rod universal harnesses. Anyone ever done this? I feel comfortable adapting the factory TS switch, and ignition switch to the harness. But I don't know about the dual coil set up. I tried to post link to said harness but it wouldn't work. Thanks, Brandon
  14. This is the only 720 I've seen around here! I got a hold of beebani and am going to order his brackets to do a rear disc brake swap, Isuzu rotors, calipers, and pads.
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