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  1. ant720

    weber: fuel return line and tank vent

    I'm having trouble adding pictures. But the current set up is the fuel line runs into the left barb of the 3 possible ports on the front of the carb. The bottom and right are capped off. So I should get another fuel inlet barb, install it on the right port and run a fuel line from that to the stock fuel return line? I will also get a vented gas cap.
  2. Hey all, I'm trying to wrap my head around the fuel system after replacing a newer fuel pump a PO installed. Should I run a fuel return line with a weber 32/36 on a z24? I've seen mixed opinions. Second question(s), the fuel tank is not venting properly. When I remove the gas cap the tank is very pressurized. Why is this happening? I removed the check valve and was able to blow through both ways with a bit of effort, but nothing crazy. Should I replace the check valve? Did this pressure cause the fuel pump to fail prematurely/lock up? I also have the canister removed so the only thing b/n the tank and atmosphere is the check valve.
  3. ant720

    setting idle speed and timing

    I've got a laser tach reading off a reflective sticker on one of the pulleys. who knows how accurate it is though
  4. ant720

    setting idle speed and timing

    I've got an adjustable timing light ordered. I will see if I can get a lower idle after I set the total timing. If not, I'll pull the carb off and see what's in it. So I'm looking for ~800 rpm idle and 34-36* total timing? And the vac advance line is hooked up when I'm setting total timing?
  5. ant720

    setting idle speed and timing

    Thanks Doctor. I have it set at 1000 rpm and 10* and it seems happy. Anything below 1000 it gets rough. I understand what you're saying for total timing. Is that procedure a necessity or is it ok to just set timing at idle?
  6. ant720

    setting idle speed and timing

    Well I just found this after 1 second of googling. I'm not crazy. Will give this a try. "Set the Timing...Generally speaking you need a little more advance with a Weber than with the stock carb. A good place to start for most cars with Webers on pump gas is 12-14 Degrees advance at 1000 RPM idle and 36 Degrees total advance by 3000 RPM...This is not cast in stone and you need to make sure your car does not Detonate at these setting. If you get any detonation then you need to back off the timing..." Follow up: how does one measure total advance?
  7. ant720

    setting idle speed and timing

    I'll start by saying I'm a total novice. Details: I'm trying to set the idle speed and timing to spec on a z24 with a weber. Hood sticker says 800rpm and 3* BTDC. Before adjusting, the idle was around 1200 rpm and it ran pretty smooth, not sure what the timing was. When I set everything to spec it runs a bit rough and sounds like it's misfiring (I'm guessing, I don't know what that sounds like...) It seems like it wants about 1000rpm idle and 5 or even 10* of timing. Any ideas? normal? Am I doing something wrong?
  8. ant720

    broken water pump bolt questions

    thanks for in the info everyone. I'm going to to try running it without the bolt and see what happens.
  9. ant720

    broken water pump bolt questions

    Picture below. It is one of the ones in the red box. Cheetah, it looks like you're correct and it's one of bolts that holds the front cover. I would really love to not pull the front cover. How crucial is this bolt?? If I did cut corners here, my next idea would be to tap the front cover hole and run a shorter bolt to hold the water pump.
  10. ant720

    broken water pump bolt questions

    Hey all, When I was removing the water pump on my 720 one of the 12mm head bolts on the passenger side of the pump broke. It didn't just break, it broke right where the threads start about 2 inches inside the block. My first thought was to drill and tap it, but I think it's too deep. My next thought is to install the new pump with one less bolt.. any ideas?
  11. ant720

    Rocker/valve cover interchangeable?

    Thanks for the info. I ended up getting a z24i valve cover off a d21. I figured out the hard way that the cover is stamped metal and will bend out of shape if you do something dumb with it. I may end up getting an aluminum valve cover eventually, just for the looks. Thanks again
  12. ant720

    Rocker/valve cover interchangeable?

    Long story short, I'm an idiot and ruined the rocker cover on my 85 720 w/ a z24. I can't find a replacement, but I have found z22 and z24i covers. I've been told the z22 cover will work if I used a z22 gasket. I have no idea about z24i covers. Any ideas? Thanks

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