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  1. amritpadda1983

    Looking for mechanic

    @banzai510(hainz) I runs and drives, but at times, loose power, revs too high, has many other issues, and I don't have the expertise and tools to do it. I have done enough to make it run and drive but don't have the confidence to drive it on the freeway. I have taken it to a few mechanics and either they don't want to touch it or asking too much even when they don't have experience with old Nissan.
  2. amritpadda1983

    Looking for mechanic

    @banzai510(hainz) the truck that I have is free of rust and want to make it a mini truck, the engine runs and transmission works and I like the body style. @Stoffregen Motorsports thanks for the info. I don't driving up there. Yes I can wait, my school started this week and with a full time work, I wont have time till summer anyways. Until then I will send you a message of facebook and work out more details.
  3. amritpadda1983

    Looking for mechanic

    Looking a mechanic that works on nissan/datsun vehicles around Fresno, California. I have 1984 Nissan 720 pickup that I want restored.
  4. amritpadda1983

    FS5W71F (Manual) 5 Speed making noise

    Update: Finally after all those months, found a used transmission at the junk yard, replaced it, new clutch and all. Works like a charm. Thank you for the help guys.
  5. amritpadda1983

    FS5W71F (Manual) 5 Speed making noise

    The reverse is fine. No issues with that. I took it to a transmission mechanic and he said it's the transmission from the inside and will have to be either replaced or rebuilt. If I'm going to replace it, I might as well are get a rebuild kit and attempt it myself. If not, I will just buy a new one from one of the following sites. I'm looking at junkyards too. Here are some of the sites I looked at, any suggestions or reviews? carmonkeys.com - I read bad reviews about them but looks promising. http://www.carmonkeys.com/1984-NISSAN-NISSAN-PICKUP-Transmission-Transaxle-Manual-Transmission-Gasoline-4x2-Z24-5-Years-Warranty Midwest Transmission Center Inc, https://www.midwesttrans.com/FS5W71_Manual_Transmission.html https://shop.advanceautoparts.com/p/pro-king-remanufactured-manual-transmission-fs5w71-c/20150390-P?navigationPath=L1*14925%7CL2*15053%7CL3*16374%7CL4*12293
  6. amritpadda1983

    FS5W71F (Manual) 5 Speed making noise

    There is knocking noise, tac tac tac, similar to the one the video. But when I shift it in 4th or any other gear, the noise goes away or decreases. So I avoid putting it 5th gear (even thou I can drive in it, I don't want to make things worse).
  7. amritpadda1983

    FS5W71F (Manual) 5 Speed making noise

    Thank you Datzenmike for the reply. The oil level is full, I just replaced it 2 days ago. I did not find any metal shavings or metal parts in the old oil. I shall attempt to pull out the transmission in a few days and see what's going on. I asked around and the average price quote I got rebuild is $1200-1400 (more than what the truck is worth). I could probably buy a new one from autozone for that price. Car monkey has new with 5 year warranty for $780 (something like that). That's the cheapest I could find. I looked at some junkywards here in Fresno, CA and none of them had transmissions in them. The oil leak is I'm trying to figure out, its dripping where the transmission meets the engine, but it seems like its coming from somewhere up.
  8. amritpadda1983

    FS5W71F (Manual) 5 Speed making noise

    Watch the video for transmission noise. The noise was not loud but recently it has got worse. Listen to it. The truck is at idle. Was wondering if its the throwout bearing or it is the transmission itself. When the clutch is pressed, the noise goes away a little. I'm able to drive it in all gears except 5th gear and I'm able to change gears without any problems. What do you guys think?

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