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    I have owned it since 1985. In 1986, I had installed a newly re-manufactured engine from a Japanese company called Nitto or Nikko. I had a rebuilt tranny installed about 1995ish. Tires excellent! Distributor converted to electronic. Clutch and break reservoirs generic replacements. Cosmetic mess, inside and out, but everything is there except inside door panels. And it still runs great. Just had $970 worth of work done mid-November 2019: new fuel pump, spark plugs and carburetor cleaned and reconditioned. Have receipts. Good project for a “body” guy and needs electrical work. It’s a federal car, so no catalytic converter is required. It was imported into Missouri, but has been in Southern California since 1976. Only driven about 20 miles or so a week in the last 15 years because I worked from home since 2004 and then retired. Now all I need is Uber and Lyft! Clean CA title.


    Los Angeles, California - US

  2. My locking gas cap is about 30 years old and the rubber is disintegrating. Can anyone suggest where I could get a replacement? If forced to, I'd go for a non-locking replacement. Don't know if it makes a difference, but this is a federal car. Thanks.
  3. Hi, Just found out my long-time auto repair shop has closed. Can anyone recommend one in Los Angeles that is Datsun-friendly — or at least not adverse? Would prefer one near Hollywood. Thanks.
  4. Thanks, RanMan72. Sorry so late in getting back but I thought I signed up for notification of replies and did not receive one that you had. So I decided to check directly. I've seen the ads online for these verification places and they don't seem to post fees. I only found one that listed a price and that said $95 and I don't want to pay that much unless I absolutely have to. Who is the vehicle verification aimed at satisfying? The prospective owner or the state? Or both? Each year my registration has my VIN number on it and that matches the one on the car. If I have a new title and
  5. Hi, I lost the title for my ’75 B-210 and was about to apply for a duplicate to the California DMV when I came across this on a helpful site: “Don’t forget you also have to get a CHP vehicle verification within 90 days of replacing your title.” I only want the title in case I decide to sell the car in the future to a fellow Datsun buff. I did a search of this vehicle verification process and it looks difficult and expensive. What happens with regard to a sale — or to my relationship with the DMV — if I get the duplicate title but don’t get the verification done? Thanks.
  6. Thanks Draker and thanks again DatzenMike and Draker All great suggestions. I'll let you know what happens.
  7. Thanks, for your replies, DatzenMike and Doctor510. If the bleeding routine fails, could it be that the clutch needs replacing? If so, will my heaven-sent repair shop mechanic be able to find a replacement through his normal channels or would I have to put him in touch with a Datsun parts specialist and, if so, which one? Thanks again!
  8. I have a 1975 B210 4 speed stick shift that runs great! But lately I’ve been having a little trouble with the clutch. Sometimes shifting is a little clunky. Oddly, this problem diminishes when the car warms up! I’ve tested the clutch by starting from a standstill on a slight incline in third gear and it passed that test. What could be causing this? I do have to depress the pedal almost to the floor but it doesn’t feel spongy. The clutch fluid is at the right level. Any ideas? Thanks!
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