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  1. as for the middle of the of the seat they did make center consoles with an arm rest that may be able to fit but im not to sure about it
  2. long one piece lights came off of the nissan maximas super hard to find super rare super expensive lol yet to have heard of another one piece head light that fit but i may be mistaken
  3. learned something when doing mine, low beam to high beam doesn't change positive is adds another ground. so to have my leds wired up correctly i would have to add relays and change the grounds into positives and then wire using the harnesses. kind of a pain
  4. you are right the 85 is the automatic and my 86 is stick shift. thanks for the info. i have some decisions to make lol. im already running smaller than stock tires so i have lost a lot of top end speed dont want to loose much more lol
  5. ahh ok i checked that earlier one is 38 and one is 37 both 2wd though the first 7 numbers/ are different on both aswell though will that affect it ?
  6. on ebay "rubber done right" i believe is there name have the seals they have seals with and without the chrome trim as for the windshield itself i found a guy on offer up but he wants like 250 for the glass not installed no seal. i went to my local windshield place and they said they had the glass and would install with "universal seal" for 130 not sure how much i trust that uni seal tho i told the guy i wanted the chrome trim seal and i would provide it for him he said it would run me 170 for the glass and installation with the chrome trim. i think you could find a windshield guy near you and
  7. I have my truck which is an 86 kingcab and i also have a donor parts truck which is an 85 single cab, however it is a long bed so the chassis is the same. just wondering if the rear ends can get swapped mine took a dump a few days ago and rather then taking the axles out and pull the third piece out and trying to diagnose the problem i figured i just switch rear ends mine had water in the oil and a bunch of metal shavings the donor truck oil looked practically brand new and there wasn't any piece of metal just normal shaving from wear on the magnet. overall looks much better. the donor parts t
  8. I picked up a new window for my kingcab because ive always wanted a slider but i picked it up and the latch seems to be broken. i cant seem to find any online and they seem that they dont make that part...so i thought, im pretty sure i may be able to use a nissan hardbody/d21 sliding rear window latch they look extremely similar but i have never tired swapping them... can anyone confirm my theory will the latch and backing plates work because id like to get all new hardware not just the latch.
  9. will it do that ?
  10. well a few people saying there loud that is my goal i'm not really trying to get any power out of this i wouldn't mind improvement but my goal was just for it to be louder
  11. robert.davis

    cali smog

    so i pretty much have my mind set on buying some pacesetter headers for my 720 just wondering if i wanted to smog my truck and put all my stock exhaust back on (minus the manifold i would be swapping with the headers) would it still pass? anyone try this or knows someone whos had this experience
  12. kind of a side question to the topic but does the offset or width of the rim matter to the control arm? would some 15x6s work?
  13. not sure on that one but the way i did my speedo cable was slightly easier because i tested fitted it when the dash was out so i knew exactly how to do it but the easiest way i found is to have someone push the cable towards you from inside the the hood its near the brake booster just move the cable from the inside to figure out which cable is the speedo cable and he can even pull it back initially to get it out of the way putting the cluster itself in but find out where the "clip" is on the tip of the cable so you can push that and pull it theres a big "nipple" on the back of the cluster the
  14. well most of it did. hardly see any people mini trucking anymore but with that said i want something different and special. most the kids in my generation have no idea what mini trucking even is lol. i showed one kid and he called it a "transformer" lol.
  15. well i have a work truck and i wanted a "pretty" truck lol. definitely still going to use it as a truck though none of that hydro stuff takes away from anything. if i need to tow stuff in the bed it'll get the job done.
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