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  1. Hello, wanted to ask by any chance anyone has/connections for a rl411 water pump.Or by any chance still have the old one which I’ll be gladly to purchase it from anyone Cause all I need is the flange and will swap it to the roadster version. Thanks and hope to hear from anyone soon, take care as always .
  2. Hi, been looking for a pair of 11/16” rear wheel cylinders but can’t find any. By any chance is there anything compatible that might work or have a pair to sell. Thanks and take care.
  3. Thanks that helps, I realized that the the starter hits the steering box. Do I need the rl411 starter or can I swap it to a different one?
  4. Thanks for the advice, will look more into it. I also, found a pair of rl411 motor mount brackets. Was curious though one is shorter than thee other. Does the shorter one go the driver side or passenger? Thanks
  5. Which Chrysler gasket is useful? Is there a certain model/year? Since you told me not a universal one.
  6. Thanks for the help, as for a water pump. Is there anything that can be replaced since I have the roadster water pump.
  7. I ended up finding a pair, but now I’m looking for the rl411 crank pulley and alternator mount as well and the water outlet. If anyone has connections to those parts I’ll be gladly appreciated. Thanks and hope to get a response soon. Thanks again for the help.
  8. Thanks for the help guys, but unfortunately Erich Paul didn’t have any info regarding that. Curious if I can use the r16 brackets but extend them longer so they can fit into a rl411 crossmember that I got. Would that work? Thanks
  9. Thanks for getting back, I originally bought a roadster r16. I basically have all the swap parts for rl411 besides the engine mounts. Also, I didn’t receive the engine mounts that came with the r16 that I purchase. So I’ll just need that, but like I said can’t find anything anywhere
  10. Hi, everyone, who’s reading this. I’m trying to get some RL411 motor mount brackets but can’t find any. I thought the roadster could be used but was told it can’t. So by all means if anyone has them, please contact me as soon as possible, my email is jluna596@yahoo.com. Thank you and take care as always.
  11. I read a guy named mtbmiller installed a gm alternator for his j16 on a 521 but idk which gm alternator and he hasn’t been on this page over 7 years.
  12. Yeah I got it from TJ, alright thanks I’ll look into it.
  13. Hello, everybody I’m looking for any info on a j16 alternator. I purchased a j16 and it only needs the alternator. By any chance does someone have info where I can purchase one and would be a upgraded alternator as well. Thanks, and take care as always .
  14. Thanks for the advice gladly appreciate it Bananahamuck, that’s what I needed just a boost of encouragment to continue this project. I myself have taken some road trips on my j13puts in work haha. Thanks again, by the way I do you have an email to get in contact with you?
  15. Thanks for the advice gladly appreciate it. Well I do have an r16 engine but I think it might be more expensive to rebuilt it and get it fabricate it to the engine bay. Things things got complicating and I don’t have the money or the connections at the moment. That’s why I though a j16 will be more simple and cheaper.
  16. Wouldn’t make a difference if I bore out the engine, put bigger valves, pistons, or even sleeving it, grinding down the crankshaft? Not know much to be honest got the engine for $300 with tranny. Just would like to make a simple swap without cutting so much on the car. Also, to see if a j16 has some potential. I’ll be happy with this :). Thanks again for the advice
  17. That’ll be cool, but I already have a j16 and was planning on working on it this weekend.
  18. has anyone done a datsun j16 performance engine, I know it’s a 3 main bearing, but was wondering if anyone has done it before, planning on putting a j16 on my 411. Any advice would be helpful thanks
  19. jluna94

    Datsun j16

    Hello everyone, stopped by to ask two questions. First one is what’s the weight on a j16 engine? Also, what’s the hp on it as well? Thanks and gladly appreciate if someone can help me out with this. Take care as always
  20. Yeah I’m aware with all of that and already did the front disk conversion. I’m just trying to do a rear differential performance swap for the stroker engine. Thanks for the advice
  21. Hi I’m learning more about the rear differential, but I wanted some info regarding doing a swap to it. What would you guys recommend, reason why I want to upgrade my differential is cause I’m doing a r16 striker swap. Would need one that could take the power/ acceleration and so forth. I read a 200sx differential would fit in but not sure if it would take the abuse ha, but idk. If anyone could give me advice or recommendation that would really help. Thanks for taking time and reading this.
  22. Yes I'm using a roadster motor I'm getting it rebuild and modifying the engine, giving it more hp and reliability, okay thanks. I'm still searching about modifying the water pump or find one.
  23. Hi everyone I was wondering if anyone has a Datsun rl411 transmission for sale. I'm doing a swap on my pl411 and I have a r16 engine and tranny but the it's to long and would have to cut gear box. But If anyone has a rl411 tranny please contact me at jluna596@yahoo.com.
  24. Is there a 5 speed that fits in a r16 engine?? I want a smoother ride on the freeway ha. Thanks for ahead of time for any advice.
  25. Hi everyone, I'm going to rebuild my j13 engine and want to supercharge it. Wondering if anyone has has done or taken it to a specialist to do that. I'm located in SoCal. Hope to hear from people's suggestions/options. Greatly appreciated, take care as always.
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