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  1. joeytalent

    OER ITB Injectors

    Did you just look at the RHDJapan site? All the parts are available individually here: http://lupinusflower.ocnk.net/product/42 If you contact RHDJapan, I think they'd work something out for you if you just wanted the two bodies instead of four - as far as I can tell, they just order direct from the OER warehouse anyway to make up their kit.
  2. joeytalent

    OER ITB Injectors

    Thanks for the replies! Forgive my ignorance, I've never had to look into different injector types before - if anyone has a link comparing the different types available, I'd like to read up on it. If anyone has any suggestions for a car to try and get them from, I'd appreciate it. I'm not looking to make huge power increases, I just love ITBs :thumbup: I'm probably going to go with RX8 injectors, just because they're readily available and the correct spec. Once the stuff arrives in March, I'll post up some more pictures.
  3. joeytalent

    OER ITB Injectors

    I've bit the bullet and ordered my valentine's day gift to myself, the OER ITBs for the L-series engine. However, I'm struggling to find any information about which injectors will fit - both OER and the site I ordered them from couldn't give me a definitive answer. Here's a close up - there's a fuel rail for each pair of inlets: If anyone can provide more information, I would appreciate it. I did an ITB build on my old Miata, and was able to just reuse the old injectors, but I doubt that's the situation here.

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