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  1. Can't beat the sound of a 2 stroke detroit. I just scratched the whole idea, the idea was find a 4 door 720, make it 4x4, turbo diesel, and able to run on waste motor oil. For several reasons, I have scratched that idea. too expensive, can't find a turbo diesel thats both light and has decent power with a mechanical injection pump. And I also already have the Cummins, that is 4x4, I'm just gonna soup it up for long Datsun retrieval and/or hunting trips out west. I already have a long bed 720 project, and a KC 620 race truck project. Not to mention I wanna restore a stockish 620 KC for my old m
  2. I didn't bother to look at the dimensions. Scratch that idea I suppose. I too bought a W250 Club Cab, after driving it thats what sparked the idea that it'd be worth cutting into the 720 firewall. The torque is wonderful.
  3. Wondering what y'all think about a 800 lb engine in a 720. Is that too much to ask of the 4wd suspension? Planning on using big coilovers, dead set against sas.
  4. I see a few, just dm them to me if possible redeye
  5. Count me in! In dire need of em anyways
  6. Anyone know how close or how far the shifter is from the stock location? I’ll be using both consoles and I have 720 transmissions as well as S13 trannies. Post pics if possible pls.
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