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  1. Demonwolf141

    New ratsun 720

    Thank you for the much welcomed info Mike, I believe it's bone stock until I started meddling. Quick question about the torsion bars, will cranking them hard enough for a light lift damage/hinder stock ball joints? As far as rub location goes, it's hitting the idler arm body on the right front before reaching full lock. Fender clearance is good. An idea I had was possibly rim spacers, but I was hoping to stay under the body without flares or trimming fenders. The vision: roll panned, rear bumper deleted, custom tail lights, pacesetter header, 2" exhaust to tail (no cat), Weber carb(done),5 speed(done), limited slip dif, lifted slightly for aggressive looking all-terrain tred... Bucket seat conversion from bench and enough audio to deafen the standard cab. All for a curb queen toy after shiny midnight blue pearl paint.
  2. Demonwolf141

    New ratsun 720

    Hello all, newbie here. Thought I'd share a new beginning and love. Six months ago I purchased a new to me 82 Datsun 720, standard cab, 2wd. The truck ran ROUGH, but plugs/wires/cap/rotor and a new 38/38 Weber set her right. Fortunately for me the seller also had a mangled 84's 5 speed for a painless upgrade, and so it was upgraded from 4 to 5 forward gears. Aside from needing some minor-ish rust repair... A set of 225/70/14 shoes seemed in order (oversized, I know). My question; when all indicators say up-to 29 inch tires should work.... Why do My 26.5s rub? How do I fix it? And... Have I already f'd up? I want to lift it, maybe an inch but nothing crazy... to be a pretty, fun, curb queen and daily driver. I'm no mini trucker or offroader but this lil monster is growing on me.

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