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  1. Flo1993

    Mechanical fuel pump

    That is the old pump before i replaced it What do you guys use for the pictures?
  2. Flo1993

    Mechanical fuel pump

    Ok so it's a z22
  3. Flo1993

    Mechanical fuel pump

    I cant see the engine ID because theres some grease on the flat spot so ill clean that off in a bit so i can just know what I have for sure. All I know is the guy I got it from said it was swapped and an auto parts guy told me its a z20
  4. Flo1993

    Mechanical fuel pump

    I was told this fuel pump is for a z20 so im assuming its the right pump
  5. Flo1993

    Mechanical fuel pump

  6. Flo1993

    Mechanical fuel pump

  7. Flo1993

    Mechanical fuel pump

    So right now I have no spacer and i put 2 washers on each bolt
  8. Flo1993

    Mechanical fuel pump

    Well if I have the spacer on it the pump doesnt work when I bolt it on
  9. Flo1993

    Mechanical fuel pump

    My dipstick is on the driver side.
  10. Flo1993

    Mechanical fuel pump

    I figured it out. The new pump has a longer arm so i had to remove the spacer. I took off the cover and saw that it was making contact. The old pump leaked gas out by the arm.
  11. Flo1993

    Mechanical fuel pump

    Not getting any fuel to carburetor so i installed a new mechanical fuel pump and still no fuel to the carb The new pump has an arm that is a little bit bigger than the old pump. I was told i have a z20 but the local parts store is telling me that the bigger arm is for a z22 so i am lost. How do i know if the arm is making contact
  12. Flo1993

    Vacuum lines z20s

    I cant seem to find a thread on vacuum lines for my z20s motor. So there's 2 brass lines at the front of the motor, the one on top is going in under the weber carb and the other line has no hose at all from either side. At the end by the distributor it sucks air and if I close it off the engine stalls. So my question is where does this route to on both ends? Thabk you
  13. Flo1993

    1980 Datsun 720

    Hey guys im new to this forum ive been reading a lot here in the past few days since i bought my first Datsun, it's a 1980 720 king cab 2wd. I would post a picture but i dont see where to upload im using a mobile device I bought it a few days ago it runs okay i paid $200 for the truck Im trying to see what transmision is in it because the previous owner told me the engine was swapped for what he believes to be a z20s. I read on here that the king cab was the only one to have a 5 speed transmission so I just want to make sure it's the original because the clutch is on it's way out and I don't want to buy the wrong one. Thank you guys for all the information on this forum

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