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  1. Ranman72

    Datsun swap meet 08/19/18 2455 masonic dr san jose ca

    what time does it start
  2. Ranman72

    Datsun swap meet 08/19/18 2455 masonic dr san jose ca

    we will be there zparts or 1200 parts some b210 and some roadster parts call 916 729 7203 thanks Randy
  3. Ranman72

    Redding,Ca Fire - Members Safe?

    most new residential homes also now have fire sprinklers alot of these homes that burned are older from older codes a 50 foot defensible space is a great idea and will sometimes save a home FIRE IS EVIL I had a house burn down in 1990 and dont wish it on anyone mine was arson in the next door neighbors house on a hot windy summer day it caught 4 houses on fire and went 4 alarms which is nuts for residential
  4. Ranman72

    Redding,Ca Fire - Members Safe?

    california has been doing fire reduced homes for years tile or metal roofs comp roofs are still fire resistant but not as good as tile or metal these types of fires are so hot and fast the metal still heats up and burns the wood underneath or the windows break from the intense heat and up the house goes from the inside out fire is wicked and unpredictable and this was one of the worst type of fires wind blown one way during the day and swirled or reversed in the evening just a completely shitty situation sometimes the green vegetation helps to save a house but often times the fire is skipping through the tree tops to the next destination
  5. Ranman72

    Redding,Ca Fire - Members Safe?

    this is sad news when you cant help and you know you need to
  6. deleted might post something about this show at a later date wife requested removal who here likes this show
  7. Ranman72

    Post-tits $1.99

    maybe we need to start a post poon page
  8. Ranman72

    Redding,Ca Fire - Members Safe?

    hope everyone is safe peanut butter cups is from the area not sure who else but the fire is bad
  9. cant wait this sounds awesome
  10. Ranman72

    1974 260z crossmember questions

    what mike said 74 through 78 is the same the 240 one will probably work but it is lighter weight due to factory holes the steering rack might have slightly different mount points also on the 240
  11. sorry we missed this one but the drive home sunday night would have been difficult we went to the shasta roadster/jdm show on saturday it was small but had a good time 46 total cars if i heard correct
  12. I logged in with old password might just be the timing of the update pieces
  13. Ranman72

    510 strut top fail......oh no

    this was a problem for the brock racing enterprise rally car it was good for street but not rally racing eventually the rubber wears out after all they are over 40 years old although i have never seen one broken I have heard the stories you could go with camber plates with top hat bearings or just find a used one and go with it
  14. Ranman72

    Wheel size for 73z without rubbing

    part of this depends on wheel offset i have seen 265 on the rear but cant remember if it was flared
  15. Ranman72

    Mt. Shasta Roadster Meet. July 12-14th 2018

    same weekend as eagle rock swap meet :poop:

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