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  1. pxssy.destroyer

    Atomatic to Manual swap

    What modifications do I need to do for the rear need? I bought a 1980 280zx for parts. Im not sure what parts I can use for the swap and what parts I cannot. Will I be able to use the 280 drive shaft? It also sort of seems like i cannot use the pedals from the 280 after pulling it out and having a better look at it.
  2. pxssy.destroyer

    Atomatic to Manual swap

    3/ any FS5W71B from '77-'79 620, '77-'83 280z and zx, '80 720 2wd or '79-'84 Maxima. Drive shaft will need to be shortened and rear mount modified. Shifter hole must be relocated 5-6" further back and you need a longer speedometer cable.

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