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  1. I'll jack it up and check diff ratio for anyone really interested. Axle had the drum guts removed but the drums themselves are still there. Fuel tank and hardware was also removed by previous builder.
  2. Thanks again all. Uploaded a couple pics to Imgur since pb screwed everyone last year, hopefully links below work. I hear what you're saying Charlie69. My screen shows read only in the classifieds for probably that exact reason, but unfortunately that's probably the best description for me. Been listing the trailer locally to my 4x4 forum and facebook but no interest as of yet. Figured some of the guys keeping these little trucks going could use the parts before it gets scrapped or horribly butchered as parts for the other trailer I own that's titled. Hope that doesn't offend anyone or break too many rules. If anyone is interested, feel free to send me a pm. https://i.imgur.com/rQO3rcQ.jpg https://i.imgur.com/geX08As.jpg
  3. Haha thanks guys. We're done with the procreation at this point, got my two daughters and I'm plenty happy for them to get a bit older so i cam get back into the garage more often. Talking to the mod who approved my first post, the trailer I'll be wanting to offer up sounds like it might be made from a 521 or 620 (which ever early model Datsuns had the beds with tie down points on the outside). I have a few pics but not seeing options to add them direct to the board from my phone. She's old and ugly, but I figure someone might want it as is or might find value in getting the rear axle or bed or tail lights or something versus me scrapping it. Feel free to PM me for pics, and in the mean time I'll work on trying to link them somewhere sharable (since photobucket stopped doing hotlinks). Thanks for the welcome.
  4. Hello, I'm John. I don't have an awesome restored mini truck to share with all of you, but I do have one that's been converted to a trailer that I'd like to sell or part out. Quick look around suggested an intro post somewhere might be the best way to gain approval, so here I am. I'll refrain from adding more trailer details until I'm allowed to create a fs post, but I'll tell you I'm a father of two from Reno, NV and enjoy the outdoors and wrenching. Thanks for reading.
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