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  1. zachreini

    520 Quarter Window Seals

    Under $100 would be nice. Still looking around the web. If you can swing a better deal I'd be interested.
  2. zachreini

    '66 520 - Mile High

    I realized I haven't posted in a while so here's a little update on my truck. Finished the wiring, just need to mount the new fuse box underneath the dashboard, which is all repainted and assembled into the cab. Decided to roll with the bright color theme of the engine bay and got these new distributor wires. Had to relocate the coil a little on the firewall to make it all work, cleans it up a little bit though. I couldn't get the replacement mechanical fuel pump to work, so I plumbed up a small electric pump (which actually came with the truck when I bought it) and installed it with a U-bolt to the steering column. Going to make a plate to put over the old fuel pump mount when I can get some time to delete the pump. I guess my efforts modifying the exhaust header were in vain but oh well. Thought it was interesting to see the progress side by side with this older pic of the engine bay. Started on the body work. Sanded and wire wheeled some surface rush off of the lip of the bed, primered it to prevent more rust. Stripped off all the old paint and thick bondo from the hood and primed it black until I can finish the job. Had 5 colors underneath it all and a 1/2 of bondo in one spot near the front emblem. Kinda think I will leave it black lol
  3. zachreini

    520 Quarter Window Seals

    Just curious, would the quarter window rubber seals for a 620 work on a 520? Having a hard time finding an affordable pair.
  4. Thanks! The link didn't go anywhere though, just looped back to this forum. Charlie you got the link?
  5. Anyone know a good replacement/upgraded brake master cylinder? Looking to get a dual reservoir but open to options.
  6. zachreini

    '66 520 - Mile High

    Did some work and finally finished the header. I wrapped them up cause they are really close to the fuel pump despite all my efforts. Cleaned up really nice so I got excited and mocked up the new weber carb and intake! Looks really awesome. Gotta run the fuel and vacuum line as well as the choke and throttle. Also converting it to the manual choke, so I took the carb off and found my oil cap so took some pics of that. Enjoy!
  7. zachreini

    '66 520 - Mile High

    Did some more work on the engine bay. Cleaned and scraped off a bunch of dirt and grime that caked on over 50 years. Someone painted the block electric blue, but some of the original dark teal started to show through. Committed some blasphemy and painted the valve cover yellow (i did the same thing on my honda acty) trying my hardest to make this Datto a Honda lol. Changed out the screws to some fresh shiny ones too. Ordered the MGB Header from Pierce manifolds and it would have hit the fuel pump, so I welded in some bends (very poorly) to make it fit. Took three tries but I made it work. Please excuse the shitty welds lol I'm very out of practice. Will probably get some header wrap to cover up my botched work and provide some sort of heat barrier. Enjoy!
  8. zachreini

    mgb parts on j13

    This is a longshot since this was 5 years ago, but do you have a pic of the back side of the intake on the firewall side of the carb? Just want to see how you used the vacuum port.
  9. So I got the Pierce Manifolds 32/36 DGEV Weber conversion kit and I had a quick, newbie question about the intake. There's a threaded hole on the intake manifold and I'm wondering what its for? First thought was for a bung for vacuum or something. I checked out the stock 520 intake manifold and theres a similar hole, but it just has a nut screwed into it. Any ideas? Letting my true new jack flag fly, go easy on me lol.
  10. zachreini

    Possible J13 for sale. Any interest?

    So I'm thinking about swapping my 520 with something with some more juice. Anyone interested in a stock J13 and transmission out of a '66 520? I'm located in Denver, CO. Any offers? Trying to see what its worth to get a fair price out of it. Didn't know if this was best for the classifieds or what.
  11. zachreini

    '66 520 - Mile High

    Took advantage of the momentary window of nice weather (Spring? On time? Whodathunk?) Repainted the interior. Waiting to do the doors cause they need some repair. Got the carpet in. As you can see, I had to glue in some patches to make it work. Not the cleanest, but then again this whole truck is like polishing a turd lol. DIY or die. Got finished and "covered" just in time for some spring hail/sleet. The windshield has a little leak, so I had to protect my handy work. Also installed some new mirrors and hood pins, considering doing an engine swap with my tax return. Hopefully my girlfriend doesn't kill me lol.
  12. zachreini

    '66 520 - Mile High

    Been a long time since my last post. Too cold/snowy/windy here in Denver with no garage to work on the truck. Got some stuff in the mail and was able to get some things done today. Ordered this carpet for an '80 Nissan truck, will need some modifications to fit. I'll update on how good/bad it is when I get around to install. Also, Olive the pug is testing it out. Crucial shifter knob mod. Also sanded/vacuumed/wire brushed the floor to get ready to fix the holes and seal it. Here's the finished seat after reupholstery, looks damn good! Finally, working on painting some of the dash components. Hope you all enjoy this slow progress!
  13. zachreini

    '66 520 - Mile High

    Here's a listing for that turn signal switch I cleaned. Thinking of going a different route so its up for grabs for much cheaper than other listings on eBay https://www.ebay.com/itm/152883953190?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649
  14. zachreini

    Stock '66 520 Wheel Specs

    Do any of you happen to know the stock rim size/width/offset? Just trying to get numbers for future reference.

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