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  1. I adjusted the door strikes and both hinges with no success. I did get it to "shut" but the door and the body were not flush. About 1/2" proud
  2. This is a cross section of the seal
  3. Thank you for the info. What options do I have to remedy this?
  4. If I remember correctly, I ordered them from New Datsun Parts
  5. The truck didn’t have any seals on it when I got it. They were all rotted out. Yes it’s for a 520
  6. What’s up everyone! I got new weatherstripping, window rubbers, etc. and I’m having trouble fitting the doors on with the new seals. Doesn’t seem like they want to fully close with the new weatherstripping. Any tips or tricks?
  7. It’s definitely a tight fit. I’m glad I test fitted the engine so I knew where the problem areas are. Thanks!
  8. Thanks for all the positive feedback! Feels good to have the ball rolling a little bit on this. I got excited and wanted to temporarily mount the engine in the bay to see how it looks. Looks great! Now I can run the new brake lines and not run into anything, as well as figure out the wiring and new battery placement.
  9. Looking back on the old pics of my engine...it was atrocious. Here are some pics after the "fresh" rebuild. Basically just new water/oil pumps, new gaskets/seals, and piston rings. Couldn't find the correct size of main and rod bearings so I just reused them *shrug* If it blows up, just another excuse to swap it. Thanks for looking!
  10. Sounds fun to me! I’m always learning, I could probably learn a thing or two from you. Thanks everyone for the support
  11. Wow I just checked and its been over a year since I updated this build. I finally moved into a house with a garage so that's where its been on jackstands for about 5 months. I've made a lot of headway with the engine bay after I pulled the engine out which I'm currently rebuilding (final assembly later this week!) I stripped out the old paint and fixed some minor rust spots and gave it a new coat of paint (rattle can) with a 2 part clear. I also cleaned off all of the dirt and grime from sitting in a field for 10 years and painted the subframe, sway bar, and stabilizer bars. Starting to redo the clutch and brake lines. New hardware all around. Doing a bit of a wire tuck. Also installed the Silvermine Motors big brake kit! Replaced the bushings for the sway bar and stabilizer bars. Also got new outer tie rods and inner tie rod ends. Hopefully will update this more frequently. Not bad for spray paint and HOURS of wire wheel work.
  12. zachreini

    Front Valances

    What's up everyone. I haven't posted an update on my truck in a while, but I've taken out the engine to rebuild and have been cleaning off the engine bay, suspension components, and some of the body and I've been uncovering some shotty history about my truck. It seems that the truck at some point was in a pretty bad front end accident. The bar behind the bumper and valance (between the frame rails) h7as a pretty significant dent in it. The passenger bumper bracket is welded where the bolts go (albeit crooked) and the lower part of the valance is welded and bondoed to the upper portion that connects to the inner fender wells and headlight mounts. Long story short, anyone have any after market fiberglass or steel options to replace the valance on my truck? It's a '66 520 for reference. Was curious if you could get something made for a 510 or another pick up to work with some modification. Attached is a pic of what I'm dealing with. Thanks for any and all input
  13. Sorry I decided to rebuild it while I save up for the right swap.
  14. I have the MGB manifold and Weber on my truck and it fits great.
  15. Under $100 would be nice. Still looking around the web. If you can swing a better deal I'd be interested.
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