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  1. The big one is the Myasishchev M-17 Stratosfera (M-55 Mystic-B), four Yak-27K, one MiG-25, two MiG-23
  2. Wow! I searched "Save a Connie" [SAC]. Fascinating info. Thanks. http://www.conniesurvivors.com/1-photos.htm
  3. It took me a while to find a picture (in the public domain) of the Constellation rumored to have been atop a South Florida filling station. I do not recall how I was aware the aircraft was ever there. I never saw it. I think my father may have told me about it. He used to be a mechanic for a company called Aerodex that went bankrupt after being subjected to heavy litigation long ago. I do, however, recall seeing the aftermath of a Constellation wreck in Miami. Here is a link with some information: https://www.baaa-acro.com/crash/crash-lockheed-l-1049h-super-constellation-miami-9-killed.
  4. Here is the information on the fate of the service station B-17G: https://www.kgw.com/article/money/business/the-bomber-will-fly-again-the-b-17-bomber-airplane-is-undergoing-a-6-million-dollar-renovation/283-175b11c8-0c38-4c24-a7fb-01b728964ba3
  5. Avro Shackleton MR3 twin-tail bomber on gas station roof, SAAF, Devland, Johannesburg.
  6. It looks like in the early days the customers could climb in for a look around.
  7. That service station B-17G back-story was amazing.
  8. BAC TSR-2 was a tough one to figure out. And so was the frozen Sepecat Jaguar.
  9. 707 Boeing Dash-80 prototype barrel roll upside-down by Pilot Tex Johnston.
  10. S-58 Choctaw (Westland Wessex) - Helicopter Upside Down by Paola Pivi, Italian artist. I understand art and creativity, but I hope this beautiful machine met a better fate after being displayed in this way.
  11. I found a picture of an A320 with 9 windows just before the wing. I think that's it. Different configurations.
  12. Hello Mike, it looks like the A319 with one door, but window count is off. It could be a shorter version or not an Airbus.
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