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  1. lawsonwb

    dwarf race car with datsun rear axle.

    Oh yea thanks Doug, for locating the carrier for me! I just wish I would have guessed the right rear end. I have a really good 3:70 ratio h150 carrier if anyone needs one.
  2. lawsonwb

    dwarf race car with datsun rear axle.

    Well guys I goofed up again, I ordered a h150 carrier from a b210 for my dwarf car with the help from Doug on here and I received it today and it will fall into the housing. Now I have two carriers that I can't use and still don't have one to use. I measured the opening of the housing with a tape measure and it is 6-7/8 inch.do I have a h165? That's my next guess but hell I have been wrong twice! Lol any help is greatly appreciated. By the way this housing and axles were cut down for this car by someone else and there is no telling what the hell it is and the guy is dead so I can't call and ask.thanks again.
  3. lawsonwb

    dwarf race car with datsun rear axle.

    That's true, less rotating mass = more h.p. I think I have found one with the help of Doug on this site. Thanks again!
  4. lawsonwb

    dwarf race car with datsun rear axle.

    the rear in the car has already been cut to fit the car and is a lot of work to cut another down to fit. I would like to keep what I have and just find a chunk but if they are scarce I might be better off finding a 8 bolt Toyota ( which is what most use) because the chunks for them are easy to find.I would post some pics to show how this is set up but I can't figure out how.the right side axle and axle tube is only 18 inches long and the left is about30 inches long, this is done to offset the center so a motorcycle engine can be used. I will post in wanted and hopefully I get some bites! Thanks for all the help!
  5. Hey guys,my name is Willard and I live in east tn.I am currently building a older dwarf car and it has a h145 rear axle in it with a missing "chunk" or gear assembly. I have done lots of research on this site before joining and I'm pretty sure it is a h145 that I need. I bought an entire chunk for a 8 bolt Toyota to go in the car and that's when I realized I had a Datsun rearend. I can't post a wanted ad until I have 25 posts so I need help. A question I have is how hard are the chunks to find? I really need either a 3:50ish gear ratio of a 4:11. Thanks in advance for all the help!

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