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  1. Tkirk___68

    Coil over conversion

    Thank you guys I appreciate the input
  2. Tkirk___68

    Coil over conversion

    Okay I will take your word for it. Is there a set of coil overs that I can install without modifications,? Or very little mods
  3. Tkirk___68

    Coil over conversion

    Does anyone have recommendations for a coil over conversion that is more practical money and time wise? Maybe stay with leafs in the rear as well?
  4. Tkirk___68

    Coil over conversion

    All this Info is great, thank you. I will look into true Miata as well. Thanks for everyone’s response. I have some research to do
  5. Tkirk___68

    Coil over conversion

    Has anyone used a s13 sub frame for their coil over conversion? I’m wondering how much fab work goes into get the subframe mounted and coil overs on yo replace leaf in the rear. Any advice/knowledge is greatly appreciated. This is my first build so I’m asking around for ad much info and know how asi can

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