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    SOLD!!!!! Has 61,000+ original miles Z-engine / 5-speed trans Runs and drives excellent. Has no rust I need to sell because I have finally run out of room to keep it inside Asking $4200.00 570 460 1669 - Joe Located in NE Penna


  2. joecooz

    1984 720 purchase

  3. joecooz

    1984 720 purchase

    Yes it is 2wd Yes I am looking for the shifter console. How do I post pics? Joe
  4. joecooz

    1984 720 purchase

    I just bought a 1984 720 with 61,000+ original miles on it. It has NO rust anywhere - surprising as it has been a Northeast Pa. truck all its life. It has a 5-speed tranny. It runs and drives great. Story behind it is it was purchased used by the guy I bought it from in 1986 with 16,000 miles on it. He used it as a shop truck so it was only run around town and kept inside overnight. After using it for several years it was "retired" and garaged but was used sparingly to run errands - hence the low mileage and rust free condition. It was repainted in the original chocolate brown color many years ago and it still looks great. The one thing that is missing is the console and the under dash plastic on both sides. I don't know why these were removed and lost but I can use them if anyone has them. The dash is tan colored BTW I don't have any pics yet but I will post some ASAP.

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