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  1. alwaysshocking

    KA24e stuff

    Where r u ?
  2. alwaysshocking

    70s Datsun SCCA race decals

  3. alwaysshocking

    510 parts

    I'll hit u up tomorrow, I work at night.
  4. alwaysshocking

    510 parts

    R u busy today?
  5. alwaysshocking

    510 parts

    What size is the grant? What city r u in?
  6. alwaysshocking

    1968-69 Side vent pillar sale.

    I received the vent today, thanks again!
  7. alwaysshocking

    shed clean out.

    I didn't catch that, lol
  8. alwaysshocking

    shed clean out.

    Send it with James?
  9. alwaysshocking

    shed clean out.

    Hey skib this is Pete from SoCal, hey can u hang on to that master cylinder till eagle rock and bring down?
  10. Yep where the picture is supposed to be it says this person moved or deleted the picture.
  11. alwaysshocking

    DATSVINTAGE JDM Swapmeet & Car Show in Anaheim, CA

    I'll be there

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