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  1. That looks really nice. Like you said, the drink holder my be a bit tough to get to though.
  2. Looks interesting. Let me know how it goes. I am thinking I will want something that incorporates the shifter in it also though.
  3. KELMO, let me know how that goes would ya.😀
  4. I’m finishing up the interior on my 510 4 door and am wondering what others have used for a center console?
  5. I installed front and back seats from a 2003 Nissan Exterra in my 1972 510. The back was a bit of work but am happy with the results
  6. Always use a shroud if possible. It will move much more air through he radiator.
  7. Also might want to open up that area around the shifter a bit more so it doesn’t vibrate on the body and make annoying noises going down the road. you could always bend up a piece of sheet metal to cover that area and use some silicone and screw it in place. I guess you could even use a sheet of rubber to create a boot to cover it.
  8. Yes even with the ignition off and key removed, those items should always be hot.
  9. The horn, lights and brake lights should be hot at all times. Any other items hot at all times?
  10. Looking good. You’re doing a great job documenting your progress. I appreciate the updates.
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