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  1. I need a new lock set for my 1971 Datsun 510 project. anyone have any ideas or suggestions on where to locate them. need door, trunk and gas door. would be nice if they were keyed alike. Thanks, Rob
  2. I met Troy last year at the SCCA runoffs in Sonoma. It was incredible how he dominated the gtl race. I was head tech inspector for that class so really got to check out his car.
  3. I don’t see why that wouldn’t work as long as the gauge is comparable with the sender unit. Glad to see you’re still making progress. Rob
  4. Nice to see your update. Glad you’re still moving forward. im doing body and paint on my wife’s car now. Hope to finish paint in the next couple of weeks.
  5. Thanks Icehouse for the info. I actually pulled a spare R160 apart the other day and got the threaded buttons out of it and disassembled the R180 yesterday and installed them. The differential has been cleaned, painted and polished and I installed it in the car this morning.
  6. Only doing this because the differential is in excellent condition, stronger than the stock one and it was free. i finished cleaning, painting and polishing this unit. Ready to install tomorrow.
  7. Thanks Jesse, so I pulled the axels and stub shafts from the 200sx differential and measured the length of the stub axels. the 200sx stub axels are longer. Can I use stub axels from another differential. These axels use clips to restrain them, not bolted. thanks, rob
  8. Even baby steps mean the project is still moving forward. Good work.
  9. Si I just measured the overall length of the 200sx differential and it’s the same length as the 510 unit. The 200sx does have 411 gears and the ring gear looks heavier so thinking I’d like to use it. Just wondering if the stub shafts will interchange?
  10. Thanks for replying. You call it a long nose but it doesn’t appear to be any longer than the original 510 differential. I will measure overall length today. I did measure the mounting holes and the mustache bar holes and they seem to be the same. Will the stub shafts from the 510 fit? I am installing a VG33 and already have this differential. I didn’t mention that this differential came out of a 4 cylinder car. I don’t know if that makes a difference.
  11. Hi guys, Im fairly new to Datsuns. I’m working on a 1971 Datsun 510. I’m at the point where I’m redoing the rear suspension and have come across a rear differential from a 1985 200sx. It looks like it would interchange with the stock 510 differential. I see it’s about 1/2” wider but think the half shafts would compensate for that. Question is will the 510 stub shafts fit in this differential or are they the wrong size, spline count? Is there anything I’m missing? Any input would be appreciated before I tear into these differentials and find out it won’t work and waste my time. Thank you, Rob
  12. Glad to see you’re back at it. Looking good.
  13. Did you get my email about the zx wheels delivered? Rob
  14. I have a couple sets of stock calipers, or complete510 front set ups if you need. I have 280zx struts and brakes on my driver. On the one I’m building for my wife I also have 280zx struts but went with QA1 coilovers due to the rack and pinion needing more caster than I could do with the stock springs. i like QA1 and I could get the parts from Summit racing which with the coupon I had brought the cost down to just under $200. Both of my 280zx set ups are stock length which are slightly shorter than the 510 struts by about an 1” if I’m not mistaken. Rob
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